Threat Intelligence

Actionable Threat Intelligence for Security Teams

VMRay empowers security teams to enrich threat intelligence by leveraging a perfect combination of reputation, static analysis, and a best-of-breed platform for detecting and analyzing malware & phishing.

VMRay ensures a steady stream of high-quality & auto-generated indicators of compromise that can be automatically fed into existing intelligence repositories, with minimal effort.

Get IOCs Without the Noise

New Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) continually enhance threat intelligence, enriching incident response investigations, future detection, and threat hunting.

That’s why security teams routinely invest in third-party intelligence platforms.

However, they struggle to generate reliable threat intelligence that is based on the unique attacks they’re already seeing inside their networks: data that is not available from third parties.

With VMRay, analysts can auto-generate new IOCs from data gathered during threat analysis, creating threat intelligence that can better protect the organization against similar future attacks.

VMRay auto-generates IoC's and automatically filters-out the noise to empower teams with accurate and noise-free Threat Intelligence.

Get a unique combination of capabilities

Explore the unique set of capabilities that VMRay’s Actionable Threat Intelligence is based on:

All contextual details
to accurately characterize unique threat behavior revealed during analysis.


Filter out irrelevant artifacts
to eliminate noisy or imprecise output that can’t be safely shared.

Results in standard data formats
for seamless information exchange with other security systems

Resources to Enhance Threat Intelligence Generation

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Artifacts: What’s the Difference?

Learn how VMRay automated analysis filters indicators of compromise and artifacts.


Automated IOC Generation

Learn about VMRay automates the process of extracting trusted IOCs.


VMRay Analyzer Data Sheet

Learn why leading DFIR teams worldwide see VMRay Analyzer the gold standard for dynamic analysis.


We are your Threat Intelligence Partner

From initial contact to successful implementation, we support you every step of the way with complete support, comprehensive documentation (over 1500 pages in HTML and PDF format), and leading-edge research: constantly updating you about the latest threats, from our VMRay Labs Team.

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