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Uncover hidden malware threats effectively with laser-sharp IOCs and extensive behavioral analysis.

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With auto-forwarding feature, VMRay automatically scans and detonates phishing emails. The time needed by the analyst to analyze phishing is nearly halved from 4 to 2 hours, which saves precious time to focus on our strategic tasks on improving our defenses.
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Brad Marr | CISO & Senior Director
VMRay is our deep analysis that has helped us reduce the workload of our manual analyses by 90%, from 1000s to 100s per day.
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The Challenges:

Endless attack vectors to circumvent detections

No single tool can detect all attacks. Ever-increasing number of attack vectors make it difficult for SOC teams to keep up and leaving organizations at a higher risk of being breached.
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Limited knowledge of malware threats targeting your organization

Finding evidence of an undiscovered threat requires up-to-date and comprehensive information around past and current detections. Lack of insights on how the malware behaves on a host results in too much time spent by threat hunters.
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Seeking results with unreliable indicators is hard

IOCs get outdated really fast as changing infrastructure is relatively easy for threat actors. Reaping the rewards of threat hunting requires the human element bolstered by up-to-the-indicators with context.
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The Solution:

Analyze a malware or phishing threat in VMRay. VMRay extracts the IOCs and presents them in the analysis report. Get and search for these laser-sharp IOCs in your organization’s detection tools, including IP Addresses, Domain Names, Host Artifacts, and Hashes such as MD5, SHA1.
Enable proactive hunting with MITRE ATT&CK techniques automatically mapped to VMRay Threat Identifiers (VTIs) as part of the in-depth malware sandboxing process. Better utilize public incident reports with detailed insights into the tools and malware known to be used by specific threat actors.
Run more effective queries on your detection tools as part of your hunting hypothesis. Get behavioral maps and raw function logs from VMRay that you can query your logs in the EDR, Sysmon or Windows Security Events to search for undiscovered threats.
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The Benefits:

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VMRay can handle large volume of malware samples with different file types via parallel VMs, so that valuable time of analysts can be spent to utilize human creativity that is needed for successful hunts.
The YARA rules, malware configuration extractors and signatures of VMRay are continuously updated to detect new malware variant and families. Consistent results reduce the potential for human error.
With the unmatched dynamic analysis speed, scalability and API functionality, VMRay is the perfect addition to your security stack for threat hunting. Pre-built connectors with various tools make this process quick and easy, without any integration headaches.

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