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Detection Engineering

Increase the efficacy of your detections with VMRay:
Get proactive by analyzing threats in the wild. Elevate your Detection Engineering with the most accurate analysis artifacts.

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With auto-forwarding feature, VMRay automatically scans and detonates phishing emails. The time needed by the analyst to analyze phishing is nearly halved from 4 to 2 hours, which saves precious time to focus on our strategic tasks on improving our defenses.
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Brad Marr | CISO & Senior Director
VMRay is our deep analysis that has helped us reduce the workload of our manual analyses by 90%, from 1000s to 100s per day.
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The Challenges:

Evolving threat landscape necessitates organizations to be proactive about the threats in the wild before seeing the occurrences in their organization. This includes analyzing recently discovered threats that targeted other organizations and have become public. Analyzing the most important threats and manually writing detection rules for them in YARA, SIGMA, etc to enhance the security is a challenging operation.

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Millions of new malware becoming public everyday

The sheer volume of new malware being released into the wild on a daily basis presents a significant challenge for security teams seeking to create new rules on their detection tools
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Different samples require different expertise

Dealing with the plethora of malware strains is a daunting task, as different samples require specialized detection expertise. Acquiring such expertise can be cost-prohibitive for many organizations, as it requires significant investments in both human and technical resources.
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Research to prioritize detections is time consuming

Detection engineers face the challenge of prioritizing detections to be pivoted on based solely on MITRE ATT&CK. Actionable malware-centric threat intelligence is often needed but not available about the industry-specific threats
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Missing context inputs from DFIR and Threat Intel teams

Detection engineering requires high quality input from different teams in the SOC. Lack of in-depth analysis and context around investigated threats result in scratching the surface for creating effective detection rules.
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The Solution:

Utilizing the analysis artifacts

Use VMRay Analyzer to analyze the most recent malware and phishing threats in the wild and manually create detection rules for them by utilizing the analysis artifacts.
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Unlock the power of advanced threat analysis with our cutting-edge analysis report. Discover the most unique and intriguing strings, process names and command lines to generate scalable detection rules with YARA, SIGMA or SNORT.
The built-in malware configuration extractors of VMRay can do the necessary de-obfuscation and family-specific data parsing. Build solid detections through correct classification which will allow you to move up on the pyramid of pain from only IOCs to TTPs.
Don’t miss out on embedded content from the most prolific malware samples any longer, no matter how deep they were hidden, including function call strings.
VMRay allows for the decryption of TLS/SSL traffic within a virtual machine without the need for a forged certificate. This provides full visibility into malware traffic, improving network-based detection capabilities. In addition to showing the decrypted traffic in the Network tab, VMRay provides an enriched PCAP file the user can download.
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The Benefits:

The ultimate ‘source of truth’

VMRay Analyzer is the ultimate ‘source of truth’ of threat artifacts for security teams.
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Our powerful technology allows security teams to quickly receive and incorporate highly-categorized, high-merit IOCs, artifacts and TTPs into the detection operations for maximum protection.
Excellent detections don’t participate in alert fatigue. Choose the best route to excellence by adding deep insights with accurate threat analysis artifacts into your detection writing process.
Streamline your detection-creation process by reducing manual effort of malware analysis tasks, freeing up time for teams to write detections against more threats.

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