Blind spot detection 

Enable your team to defeat unknown malware threats.  

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for Threat Detection.

Enterprise SOC Teams leverage EPP, EDR and XDR tools to detect malware threats targeting endpoints.

New technologies in the endpoint protection space allow security teams to have better visibility across every edge of the network while empowering on-time incident response and forensics investigations.

However there are potential pitfalls security leaders bear in mind:


Relying on dynamic behavior analysis capabilities which is optimized for known malware threats


Not instrumented to detect dormant malware functionalities


Unable to manage the executables with unknown threat intelligence reputations

Block sidestepping modern adversaries

Top threat groups are increasingly using malware with embedded defense-evasion techniques to get past security controls. Dark web marketplaces facilitate modern threat actors to exchange new tactics of passing through the gate while staying invisible.

Top Enterprise SOC Teams take advantage of VMRay Platform’s automated in-depth analysis engine as an essential tool to combat evolving adversaries.

Gain full visibility into hidden threats

Defending against sophisticated threats is hard. It requires a multi-stage detection engineering mindset. The signals of an advanced cyber attack are not as visible to be captured by existing alert configurations and rulesets. This is exactly where VMRay comes into play as a second line of defense.

Built upon the powerful hypervisor-based architecture, VMRay Analyzer provides unparalleled detonation capabilities for neutralizing unknown threats.

Take automated action to
defeat evasive malware

Automation speed is crucial for modern security operations centers while performing sandbox analysis and investigations. Vendor-neutral and scalable API of VMRay Analyzer allows automated submission of new executable files in real-time.

Thorough and accurate analysis of The VMRay Platform ensures rapid remediation of critical incidents by delivering reliable verdicts enriched with actionable IOCs.

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“A solution has to be fast and interactive and provide the granular data I need while running phishing links. VMRay allows us to do all those things much more efficiently than we ever could before.”

Subject Matter Expert of the InfoSec Team

How VMRay pins down the blind spots

Intelligent Monitoring

Allows VMRay to stay invisible to evasive malware as it runs solely in the hypervisor layer and without affecting the analysis environment.

Smart Memory Dumping

Advanced triggers to accurately dump and store relevant memory buffers of analyzed malware in real time that enables timely detection.

Machine Learning

Fed by the highest quality input data derived from our analysis, our Machine Learning model improves our capabilities to detect the undetectable.

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