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Blind Spot Detection

Shine a Light on The Internet’s Darkest Malware Threats!
Malware has become extremely complex, with many malware families now employing evasion techniques to make them much more difficult to detect by static and heuristic antivirus engines. Plagued by false positives, suspicious EDR/XDR malware alerts also require further triage to identify active malicious threats or benign anomalous telemetry data.

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With auto-forwarding feature, VMRay automatically scans and detonates phishing emails. The time needed by the analyst to analyze phishing is nearly halved from 4 to 2 hours, which saves precious time to focus on our strategic tasks on improving our defenses.
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VMRay is our deep analysis that has helped us reduce the workload of our manual analyses by 90%, from 1000s to 100s per day.
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The Challenges:

Anti-Virus Solutions Are Easily Evaded by Advanced Malware

For traditional security stack deployments, zero-day malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and targeted phishing campaigns can bypass Anti-malware solutions and are especially difficult to detect and analyze
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Zero Protection Against Advanced Threats

Malware targeting new unknown threat vectors or using previously unknown commands will fail to be detected by static and heuristic antivirus engines and other security controls
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Static and Heuristic Analysis Blind to Malware Obfuscation

Malware evasion and obfuscation techniques include code packing, encryption, steganography, fileless malware, UAC and AMSI bypass, metamorphic recompiling and code mutation are used to blind detection engines.
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SOC Resources Are Overloaded

Security practitioners must manually verify each “suspicious” malware alert to verify if it is genuine, malicious activity or a false positive – which takes time and precious skilled resources
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Not All Sandboxes Are Equal

Modern malware families use sandbox evasion techniques to avoid detonation and revealing their payload in a monitored environment, making them appear benign.
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The Solution:

Exposing Malware Blind Spots
By automating malware alert triage, VMRay eliminates malware blind spots by providing a definitive verdict of malicious or benign on “suspicious” alerts to identify legitimate threats.

VMRay enriches EDR / XDR data with accurate, collated reporting, prioritized IOCs and other malware artifacts to assist in threat hunting, detection engineering, and threat mitigation tasks.

Built upon the powerful hypervisor-based architecture, VMRay provides unparalleled visibility from outside the workload by using Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) to thwart sandbox evasion techniques.
By running in the Hypervisor, evasive malware is unable to identify any indicators signaling a monitored environment. VMRay allows for unfettered payload detonation and the exposure of IOCs required to mitigate the threat.

The Benefits:

Gain Full Visibility into Hidden Threats

Whether running Endpoint Antivirus or EDR / XDR solutions within your enterprise ecosystem, malware triage and phishing analysis are critical to identifying advanced, highly evasive threats. The results of the analysis can assist SOC teams in mitigating blind spots and preventing similar, future attacks.
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Automated alert triage with fast verdicts allows SOC teams to take quick decisive action, and in turn, set up automated mitigation processes, significantly reducing the need for a manual, human response.
Based on a verdict of malicious or benign, automated EDR/XDR/SIEM and SOAR solutions can confidently make remedial actions to include quarantining systems involved in an attack.
VMRay is evasion resistant. Thwarting sandbox evasion techniques ensures that no malicious code is mistakenly classified as benign, reducing attacker dwell time on the network.
The automation of alert validation significantly reduces the risk of Analyst burnout, freeing them from the more mundane tactical triage tasks to focus on more strategic business goals.

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