Augment your EDR with VMRay Analyzer

Complete your EDR Cyber Defense Stack with the
Most Powerful Sandbox on the Planet

Detect Even the Most Sophisticated Attacks: Zero-Days, Targeted Malware and Ransomware

A single breach of your endpoint detection can be catastrophic. And yet zero-day malware, APTs, and targeted phishing can be especially difficult to detect and analyze, which is why you should augment with VMRay Analyzer. It is our best-of-breed malware analysis tool, which is the perfect complement to your existing EDR cyber defense stack.


“We’ll see files that EDR says are malicious and should be blocked. But when we look at the surface information, they sometimes appear to be benign.” VMRay acts as a safety net by taking the extra step of detonating the sample. The analysis results help our security team decide whether to manually waive an EDR block that was triggered by the FP or to harden their defenses by keeping the block in place.” – Brad Marr, CISO, Life Fitness

Your Elite Team of Cyber Detectives Engages in a Daily Battle with Attackers – Give them the Best Tools

How to augment and validate EDR (endpoint detection and response) to ensure better protection, avoid alert fatigue from false positives and have deeper threat intelligence

Supplement your Analysis with a Second Opinion

Your company’s reputation is at stake. Why take a chance on just one opinion from your EDR systems. Verify your verdicts and enrich your analyses with a second opinion from VMRay Analyzer.

Avoid Alert Fatigue with EDR Alert Validation

Budgets are tight and security personnel is in short supply. Your EDR team is spread thin as they are bombarded with EDR alerts every day. Easily and automatically validate each alert with VMRay Analyzer.

Avoid Ransomware Attacks by Authenticating True Positives

Ironically, many high-profile ransomware attacks were identified early on but the alerts got lost in the noise. Analyzer’s noise-free reports, precise verdicts, and concise threat intel give you exactly what you need to know: clear information about how authentic a positive really is, thereby allowing you to act immediately and mitigate appropriately.

Connect with Ease

Two Convenient Deployment Options

VMRay Cloud Deployment


VMRay On-Premises Deployment


Expand your EDR Offering with the Web Interface GUI and the IR Mailbox

Web interface and dedicated Incident Response mailbox makes EDR simple and easy

Enhance your Ad Hoc Capabilities with the Web Interface

For ad hoc analysis of files and URLs, use the convenient Web Interface included with VMRay Analyzer – this is our GUI with Dashboards, Detailed Reports, IOCs, and much more. Once you have the best sandbox available, you will want to use it directly yourself.

Empower your End-users as Detection Allies

Empower your entire end-user community to be detection allies by giving them access to the IR Mailbox – an email address that auto-submits file and URL samples to Analyzer. Add the Outlook Plugin and you can auto-submit with the press of a button in Outlook.

Analyzer: Deepest Dives for Completing your EDR Intelligence

Enhanced Threat Intel Enables Decisive and Broad-based Action

VMRay Analyzer supplements your EDR data with state-of-the-art reporting and increased threat intelligence, as well as additional IOCs, which allow you to take decisive action, and in turn, set up automated mitigation processes that automatically take action for you. This can include blocking servers involved in the attack or preventing write access to resources. Moreover, a single endpoint threat that is clearly evaluated can help enable across-the-board security infrastructure protection.

Concise and Precise Intel Accelerates your Decision and Response

In the all-important race to a mitigation decision and response, Analyzer’s concise and precise information aids the vertical threat processing workflow for EDR, starting with clear verdicts and results that enable actionable decisions, right through to the very deepest dives into function calls, which support remediation efforts.

Laser-focused on Remediation based on Classification

Classification of threats based on what they do, instead of what they are, also narrows the scope of remediation efforts and saves precious time as you prepare your response. Malware family names take this one step further by facilitating specific action based on clearly identifiable threats discovered by our VMRay Labs team who are always at the forefront of novel malware attack analysis.

We are your Cyber Protection Partner

From initial contact to successful implementation, we support you every step of the way with complete support, comprehensive documentation (over 1500 pages in HTML and PDF format), and leading-edge research: constantly updating you about the latest threats, from our VMRay Labs Team.