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Augment your Alert Validation with VMRay Analyzer

Help your team avoid alert exhaustion with effective Alert Validation

Give them VMRay Analyzer to automatically sort and sift

You are barraged with an overwhelming quantity of alerts, many of which underwhelm you with their poor quality or sheer inaccuracy. VMRay Analyzer steps in here and provides efficient and accurate triage of all incoming alerts, and then validates them for authenticity.


To help you respond to only the verified threats, Analyzer sifts and sorts all your alerts so your team doesn’t have to. By this way, it offers a complete alert validation strategy with the best threat evaluation tool available.


Threats will keep increasing, your stress levels won't.

VMRay Analyzer will help as the foundation of your alert validation.

Threats are increasing. The number of qualified security personnel is not.

Alert fatigue is becoming alert exhaustion. Automation is absolutely essential but it relies on quality data as input.

VMRay Analyzer gives you the data you need with best-of-breed malware & phishing analysis.

Based on the most powerful sandbox on the planet, and numerous unique technologies that we keep building on that basis, it provides you with superior verdicts and intelligence.



Security alerts sorted and prioritized to provide centralized and automated alert validation and alert triage processes, avoiding alert fatigue and enabling more effective response

Maximize the ROI of your Alerting Systems


Even a single threat that slips through can be catastrophic for your company.

Complete your cyber posture and maximize your investment in Alerting Systems with VMRay Analyzer to have a unified view of all incoming alerts, and a more effective alert validation and triage for every single alert.

Centralize and automate your alert triage and validation workflow with VMRay Analyzer so that you can expedite your time to remediation and resolution.


Overwhelmed by Alert Quantity?
Triage alerts more efficiently


With a plethora of IT security systems generating a multitude of alerts every day, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Forget alert fatigue. These days it is alert exhaustion as your (often short-staffed) team must handle this firehose of data without a filter.

VMRay Analyzer serves as your shield, deflecting the noise away and helping you avoid information overload, but letting in the real threats so that you can focus on strategically dealing with the genuine threats, and then responding to them and preventing future attacks of a similar nature.


Underwhelmed by Alert Quality?
Validate alerts more accurately


Let’s face it: your security systems usually err on the side of caution and alert you to just about everything. They don’t look good if they stay quiet.

VMRay Analyzer’s verdicts help you sort and sift your alert feeds, and only alert you when you really need to take action. Accurate verdicts mean you are only alerted when a threat is real. Our proprietary verdicts and VTIs help you quickly identify malicious behavior at a glance and they are usually all you need to take action.


Additional Validation and Remediation with deep dives

Once you are alerted to the genuine threats, Analyzer also assists with your deep dive investigations.

It provides convenient and easy to use dashboards and reports with verdicts and classifications, including screenshots of the detonation and visual flows of the process. All these are based on our best-of-breed analysis, built upon the most powerful sandbox and the unique technologies that we create.

Detailed tabs in the GUI for each report take you down to a deeper level of detail including IOCs, Network behavior, AV and YARA reports, a MITRE ATT&CK matrix, and much more.

Bottom line:  you escalate only when needed, and you respond based on the most accurate intelligence available.

Detailed reports show the real malicious behavior on every step of cyber attacks, enabling effective alert validation, deeper investigation and better response

2 Convenient Deployment Options: Choose yours

VMRay Cloud Deployment


Cloud-based deployment offers faster time-to-value.

You don’t need any hardware to purchase or implementation, nor any maintenance effort is required. It’s easier to scale up and offers more flexibility in terms of regional coverage.



VMRay On-Premises Deployment


With on-premise option, no data leaves the organization’s network

It is therefore the preferred option of organizations that are required to keep sensitive data within their own environment for compliance reasons.



Connect with Ease

The VMRay – CB Response Connector allows users to automatically submit files from CB Response to the VMRay Platform for analysis, and ingest IOCs and related threat intelligence generated by VMRay Analyzer.

This integration accelerates the processes for investigating a threat, developing actionable intelligence, and applying response measures to stop an attack in progress and prevent its spread or recurrence.


The VMRay – Cortex XSOAR Connector enables users to design playbooks that involve analyzing a file in the VMRay Platform and retrieving the analysis results and associated threat intelligence.

Playbooks powered by the VMRay – Cortex XSOAR Connector help accelerate incident response and make security operations more scalable and efficient.


Splunk is the leader when it comes to SIEM security products because they help you reduce breaches and other fraud risks by 70%. This is why Splunk has been named as the SIEM leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for seven years running.

Splunk has a voracious appetite for data and so VMRay Analyzer is the perfect complement because it can feed Splunk with a wealth of detailed analysis information related to suspicious files and URLs, including verdicts, IOCs, VTIs (our VMRay Threat Identifiers), YARA rule matches, file hashes and much more.

SentinelOne’s Singularity Platform is a leader in the field of Extended Detection and Response (XDR), having recently been named as a leader in Gartner’s Endpoint Protection Platform category.

Singularity XDR provides powerful data aggregation and cross-stack correlation capabilities, so the data provided by VMRay Analyzer fits in perfectly here, providing best-of-breed sandbox analysis for more detailed investigations, detailed IOCs, and YARA rule matches, as well as our own proprietary VTIs (VMRay Threat Identifiers).

When used together, threat hunting and investigations are accelerated and attacks can be contained quicker. Once the results are available in VMRay Analyzer, they can then be ingested into Singularity to further bulk up your threat intelligence, or ingested into other IOC systems.

We are your Cyber protection Partner Supporting you at Every Step

From initial contact to successful implementation, we support you every step of the way with complete support, comprehensive documentation (over 1500 pages in HTML and PDF format), and leading-edge research: constantly updating you about the latest threats, from our VMRay Labs Team.

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