[VMRay Success Story] How VMRay Analyzer Powers MSSPs & MDRs

Clear and Concise Answers – Without a lot of Digging

Matt Peters explains why Expel uses VMRay Analyzer and its best-of-breed sandbox as opposed to building their own. He stresses how difficult it is to set up your own sandbox and keep it up to date, so Expel looked at several vendors but ended up choosing VMRay because it provided the best user interface for the Analysts, saying “the information that it surfaced was exactly what we needed”. Even more important, the answers provided by VMRay Analyzer were “clear and concise” so that the analysts at Expel can quickly evaluate threats without “a lot of digging”. He concludes by saying that the Live Interaction feature, which provides the ability to interact with malware, as well as the Analyzer REST API, round out VMRay’s offering, and make it an ideal solution for Expel.

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