How CyberInt Uses VMRay to Stay One-Step Ahead of Threat Actors



  • Cope with sophisticated attacks
  • Full visibility into malware behavior




  • Unique agentless dynamic analysis
  • Quick & comprehensive overview




  • One step ahead of threat actors
  • Fast & actionable decisions
  • Better services to customers



“We looked for these key features in a malware analysis platform: automation, rapid detection at scale, easy to read output  and seamless integrations with 3rd parties.

VMRay allows us to stay one step ahead of the threat actors, providing better services to our customers.”


Adi Peretz
Head of Threat Research

Israeli cybersecurity company CyberInt provides Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services using an innovative approach that leverages both inside-out and outside-in visibility into a customer’s infrastructure.

In this short video, Head of Threat Research Adi Peretz explains why he chose VMRay Analyzer to provide best-of-breed analysis and detection.

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