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VMRay Analyzer is a revolutionary departure from traditional sandbox analysis methods. Our agentless, hypervisor-based approach to monitoring is combined with a built-in, rapid reputation engine so digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) specialists can quickly determine whether files are malicious and remedial action needs to be taken. VMRay Analyzer Investigator is a cloud-based offering, perfect for DFIR specialists looking to gain a deeper understanding of malware behavior.

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Designed for the DFIR Specialist

Threat Hunting

VMRay Analyzer Investigator proactively identifies malicious behavior patterns such as advanced sandbox evasion techniques and suspicious network, filesystem and OS activity.

Extract IOCs

Extract important threat information including: IP addresses, Contacted Domains, Modified Registry Keys, and Dropped Files through detailed logs and industry standard STIX/CybOX and JSON reports.

Total Visibility

Unique agentless hypervisor based-approach allows monitoring of all system interaction. Observe all unaligned function calls, private function invocations, direct system calls and more.

The Power of an Agentless Approach

Actionable Analysis of Every Threat

Unlike traditional analysis approaches, VMRay Analyzer uses adaptive monitoring to automatically adjust to the optimum monitoring granularity. Whether the malware is doing an API call, using special CPU instructions to directly jump into the kernel, or using higher-level approaches such as COM objects, VMRay Analyzer always intercepts at the highest semantic level possible.

VMRay Analyzer Investigator provides DFIR Specialists with a wealth of information to aid in the identification and classification of advanced malware.

Automated Threat Scoring (VTI Score)

Complete Network Activity

Detailed Process Graphs

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