VMRay Analyzer Platform

VMRay Analyzer is a revolutionary departure from traditional sandbox analysis methods. Based on an agentless, hypervisor-based approach to monitoring, combined with a built-in, rapid reputation engine digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) specialists can quickly determine whether files are malicious and remedial action needs to be taken. VMRay Analyzer embodies four traits valued by CIRT and SOC teams:

VMRay Analyzer - Stealth


  • Defeat advanced malware evasion techniques


Actionable Intelligence for even the most evasive malware

VMRay Analyzer - Visibility


Gain full insight into malware behavior


Near-native performance powers rapid threat detection at scale

The Power of an Agentless Approach


VMRay Analyzer is available in three options to best fit into your organization’s security infrastructure:

VMRay Analyzer - Investigator


    • Affordable Cloud Dynamic Malware Analysis Tool for DFIR professionals
    • Output of IOCs in Standard Formats Including XML (STIX/CybOX)
    • No Infrastructure to Manage

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VMRay Analyzer - Cloud


    • All the Features of Investigator + Powerful REST API
    • Highly Scalable
    • Seamless Integration into your Existing Security Framework

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VMRay Analyzer - On-Premise


    • All the Features of Cloud
    • Fully Customizable Virtual Machines (VMs)
    • Use your Enterprise Server and Desktop Images as Target Analysis Environments
    • Interoperability with Existing Security Platforms

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