Obfuscated batch file downloads open-source stealer straight from GitHub

0/64 detections on VirusTotal
as of 03.07.2024

The VMRay Labs team has uncovered a heavily obfuscated malicious batch file that has managed to evade detection on VirusTotal, with no security vendors flagging it (0/64). 

This batch file downloads an open-source stealer directly from GitHub, patches the C2 URL on-the-fly, and executes it. Additionally, it performs anti-tampering and anti-VM checks, making it a sophisticated threat.

No detections on VirusTotal

0 of 64

Heavy obfuscation: Uses SomalifuscatorV2


Text editor confusion: Abuses UTF-16 Byte Order Marker


Encoding: Uses ROT-24 encoding


Anti-VM checks: Checks for VM (>4GB RAM) and employs anti-tampering methods


Stealer download: Fetches open-source KematianStealer from GitHub, patches C2 on the fly


Stealer behavior: Written in PowerShell, exfiltrates sensitive data, evades monitoring, maintains persistence

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