5 Reasons why you should augment your EDR / XDR

Oct 05th 2022

5 reasons why you should 

augment your EDR / XDR


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Malware threat landscape is constantly shifting towards advanced and targeted cyber attacks. It’s hard to find the balance between the increasing need for higher level of detection with to overwhelming your teams with higher volume and frequency of alerts, which lead to alert fatigue.

It’s not just about detecting malicious behavior bypassing the security controls – you also need to stay in control and keep in mind the valuable analyst resources. This means that you need to detect whatever malicious, and adopt and integrate any technology you need. All without sacrificing security.

Here are five reasons your Security Team needs to augment EDR, and how VMRay Analyzer can help:

1: Identifying detection gaps is your responsibility.

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, modern adversaries are well-funded and organized to discover new ways to bypass security detections.

New technologies in the endpoint protection space allow security teams to have better visibility across every edge of the network while empowering on-time incident response. However only relying on dynamic behavior analysis capabilities of EDR/XDRs which is optimized for known malware threats is not sufficient.

This is exactly where VMRay comes into play as a second line of defense. Built upon the powerful hypervisor-based architecture, VMRay Analyzer provides unparalleled detonation capabilities for neutralizing unknown threats.

2: You need automation to accelerate alert investigation.

What domain is used for command and control? Or what files does it drop?

These are some of the questions a security analyst is looking to answer whenever there is an unknown executable or suspicious file associated with an EDR alert.

VMRay can be the first line of alert triage that helps you find answers to these questions. This improves the alert investigation experience and provides robust automation workflows.

3: Missing the same threat twice is not an option.

Not only do you manage endpoint threat detection, but you might also manage the whole life cycle of an identified threat down to the observables and IOCs.

Thorough and accurate threat analysis engine of the VMRay Analyzer ensures future protection by delivering reliable verdicts, actionable IOCs and artifacts to be blocked or added to the EDR watchlist.


4: You want to make it easy to triage by tuning detection rules.

It’s hard to defend against sophisticated threats performed by real adversaries.

It requires a multi-stage detection engineering mindset with continuous tuning. The signals of an advanced cyber attack are not as visible to be captured by existing alert configurations and rulesets.

VMRay delivers an in-depth visibility into the unknown threat behaviour which allows you to see how it’s mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, enabling you to codify the detection logic for all attacks. This in turn, also improves the speed and quality of the alert triage process.

5: You need rich context beyond the IOCs.

You win when the IR analyst on the end of the line take the right response action. Good presentation and context around the triaged EDR/XDR alert gives everybody in the team –including junior analysts – the situational awareness that will facilitate a solid response.

VMRay helps your Incident Response team gain accurate, complete and sufficient context around the incident. This context-centric IR approach allows you to improve the SOC metrics such as MTTD / MTTR that allows you to increase ROI of the EDR/XDR investment.

Ertugrul Kara
Ertugrul Kara

Ertugrul Kara is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for VMRay. With a career spanning over 10 years in cybersecurity, he has seen the advancement of security products from open source firewalls to automation-powered threat detection technologies following the evolution of threat landscape.

He is currently focused on leading the marketing efforts for VMRay’s security automation solutions while enhancing the alignment between the products with enterprise customer needs.

Previously, he has held various roles in early stage security startups, led the product launch and growth strategies, and run his own startup specialized in network security.


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