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Dr. Carsten Willems and Dr- Ralf Hund founded VMRay in 2013.

Liberating the world from undetectable cybersecurity threats.

Led by cybersecurity pioneers, we develop best-of-breed technologies to detect unknown threats that others miss. Thus, we empower organizations to augment and automate threat detection and analysis.

Culture & values


We treat employees, partners, and customers with appreciation, kindness and fairness.


We dare to think out-of-the-box to find a better way to solve problems that matter.


We are clear, open, and honest in our communication with employees, partners and customers. We anticipate and learn from mistakes.


We strive to have the best people, products, and leadership.


Information Security Officer

“Employees can participate in the creation of the working environment.”



Culture at VMRay is very open minded. I feel like everybody is enjoying working at VMRay.”

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Work-Life balance


Interaction with each other

Strategic direction

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Claim ownership and create real impact in a constantly growing scale-up. Take on the tough yet rewarding challenges to shape the future of an exciting industry.

Work-life balance is more than a buzzword at VMRay.

Embrace exciting professional projects without sacrificing the time for your priorities of personal life. Flexible working hours and remote work options will help you find the balanance you seek.

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Experience an open and innovative corporate culture that evolves with your contribution.

Become a part of a global, multi-cultural and diverse team. Inspire and get inspired in a creative and modern work environment.

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    Site Reliability Engineer

    “VMRay offers great opportunity to develop myself and bring forward my own ideas, as I’m now taking on a totally new challenge.”


    Enterprise Sales Manager

    “The most exciting part of my job is having a direct impact on the success of VMRay’s growth and Go-To Market Strategy.”

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    HR Business Partner

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    HR Business Partner

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    HR Business Partner

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    VMRay GmbH

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    Suttner-Nobel-Allee 7,
    44803 Bochum

    VMRay Inc.

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    75 State Street, Ste 100,
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    United States

    We create room
    for what matters most.
    Enable reliable  Security Automation & Deep Threat Analysis against
    advanced malware and phishing threats
    Unlock the potential of your security
    by turning complexity into clarity.

    VMRay’s advanced threat detection and analysis platform helps enterprises, governments and MSSPs identify the real threats from the noise and get deeper insights into those genuine threats.

    With the most accurate and actionable insights into malware and phishing threats, VMRay Analyzer completes customers’ security stack and improves SOC team productivity by enabling automation of time-consuming tasks and processes.

    SOC Productivity
    Incident Response
    Threat Detection
    Maximizing value
    for your organization.

    Minimize Risk
    by improving the security posture


    Maximize ROI
    of your existing security investments


    Boost the Efficiency
    and productivity of your security teams

    Build and grow your products, services, and relationships on secure ground that creates room to focus on what matters most. With ultimate peace of mind…

    We are here to secure the road ahead.

    VMRay was founded in 2013, by two early pioneers in automated malware analysis and detection technologies.

    Dr. Carsten Willems

    CEO / Co-founder

    Carsten Willems is a world-renowned cyber security expert and pioneer in the field of malware sandboxing. Carsten earned a master’s degree in computer science from RWTH Aachen University, and a Ph.D. in cyber security from Ruhr University Bochum. His academic work has been honored with multiple awards, and he continues to lecture on computer science at his former alma mater. Carsten also serves as a cyber security and digitization advisor to the federal state government of North Rhine-Westphalia (Beirat Digitale Wirtschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen).

    Entrepreneurial by nature, Carsten founded his first company in 2007 when still at university, developing and taking to market CWSandbox, a radical new approach to malware detection. He successfully sold the company and subsequently engaged in several new ventures.

    Today, Carsten is CEO of VMRay, a Germany-based cyber security company that offers industry-leading technologies for advanced threat protection. With Ralf Hund he co-founded VMRay in 2013, turning their academic research into solutions that help organizations protect themselves against sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks. Carsten led the company’s growth from early days to its present expansion into global markets, winning the support of leading VC investors, and successfully closing VMRay’s Series B funding round.

    Dr. Ralf Hund

    CTO / Co-founder

    Ralf achieved his Ph.D. in computer science / IT-security at the Ruhr-University of Bochum in 2013. During his studies, he focused on new analysis methods for software binaries, with a strong focus on malware. His findings were published and presented at many leading academic IT security conferences and received several awards for outstanding work.

    Furthermore, Ralf has been involved in the design and development of several sandbox technologies. He has experience in malware research for more than 10 years and is an active speaker at various academic and industrial conferences. His special interests lie in virtualization techniques and its application to software analysis.

    If we told you the names,
    we would have to kill you.

    As the last line of defense, we play such a strategic role in our customers’ security that we cannot reveal their names.

    But here’s how they look like:



    Fortune 100
    Major Telecom company trusts VMRay's high quality inputs for security automation

    4 of 5

    World’s Top 5
    Tech Companies


    Less manual task

    “VMRay is our “deep” analysis solution that has helped us reduce the workload of our manual analyses by 90%.”

    Vice President
    Global Top 3 Cybersecurity IR Services Provider
    Financial Institutions trust VMRay for their cyber security


    Leading Finance

    17 of World's most valuable 100 brands choose VMRay


    Most Valuable

    “Our organization trialed multiple products to identify the most comprehensive automated malware analysis platform.

    This product has enabled me to decrease manual analysis frequency and time and increase positive identification of malware samples.”


    8 of 10

    Top MSSP
    Companies in Europe

    55 critical Government organizations from 17 countries trust VMRay for advancted threat detection and automation capabilities.




    Information Security Officer
    Legal Team

    Why did you start working at VMRay?

    I was looking for a part-time job when I joined VMRay. The reason I stayed with VMRay is the interdepartmental team dynamic, the consideration for the individual needs of each employee, and the international and diverse range of projects.

    What stands out about VMRay as an employer?

    VMRay is a company in growth, therefore the role as an employer is in regular development. Employees can participate in the creation of the working environment and influence it. In addition, employees are given the opportunity to personally fulfill their own potential and thereby bring out the best in the company and our product.

    How would you describe your team?

    Open-minded, solution oriented and professionally driven.


    Finance Team

    What are your main challenges?

    One of my main challenges in the finance team as a Controller is the providing of reportings for the management and Investors. Therefore, I have to manage a lot of Data from different Systems and integrate them for example into a PowerPoint presentation. Another challenge is the set-up of or the related reporting tools, that make the reporting easier for the team. We are working on implementing PowerBi and are working a lot with Power Pivot already, to deliver most of the Data. Also the integration of NetSuite and Salesforce into our reporting is a big challenge for me and the team.

    What does the culture at VMRay look like?

    Culture at VMRay is very open minded. I feel like everybody is enjoying working at VMRay and you are very free regarding your place to work and your working time. It’s also important to meet with each other and you have the possibility to join get togethers or just play table tennis or darts in the office.

    How do you work together?

    In the team it is very important that we have an open communication. We have regular weekly exchanges with the whole team via Microsoft Teams (MS Teams), but we also schedule spontaneous meetings to solve business related problems (mainly via MS Teams). We also maintain regular exchanges with other departments such as HR and Sales.


    Jr. System Administrator
    IT Team

    What possibilities to grow does VMRay offer?

    I’m here at VMRay for four years now, and what’s really remarkable in my opinion, is that VMRay has always given me the opportunity to develop my career dynamically. I started here as a student helper and through a plethora of different roles I have found my place in a line of operations, which I’ve never seen coming.

    What does a typical working day look like for you?

    This is a tough question for an IT-admin as no two days are the same. Currently we are a total of four FTEs in the IT team. We switch responsibilities for the helpdesk duties each week, so this dictates the ins and outs of any given week. If I for instance have helpdesk duties I’m the first person who will be contacted if there’s an issue which needs fixing. The remaining three weeks of a month are dedicated to projects. What I enjoy best in these project weeks is the intake of new or the transferal of knowledge when working with a colleague.

    What does the culture at VMRay look like?

    Work-life-balance is important, I doubt anybody will argue with that, but still as an adult most of your social interactions are at your job. Therefore, it is a privilege to consider a fair number of colleagues also as my friends. I believe this is due to our company culture which doesn’t only give the opportunity but also encourage friendly interactions with other staff members.


    Team Lead Threat Research
    Labs Team

    What was your most exciting project so far?

    The Threat Analysis team is responsible for continuously improving the detection of our product. This can be treated as a never-ending project as the business of cybercriminals is still growing. The detailed analysis of sophisticated cyberattacks, understanding and breaking down malicious software into its individual parts and putting these puzzle pieces together is always an exciting challenge.

    How do you work together?

    Although the Threat Analysis team from VMRay Labs is spread over several countries, we maintain a close working relationship. Apart from regular sync-up meetings, we attach great importance to a good team communication. This allows us to look at problems from multiple angles and solve them with the best possible result.

    What stands out about VMRay as an employer?

    VMRay has a great reputation as an employer and technology leader in the market. I really enjoy being part of a great team with very creative and smart people. The culture within VMRay is very pleasant, modern and allows you to find your best work-life-balance. It feels good to know that you are valued as an employee, and the employer goes to great lengths to make you feel comfortable.

    Why is working flexible important to you?

    At my last job I had to wake up at a specific time every day, no matter how I felt. I had to hurry up after work to get to doctors’ appointments or had to take a half day off to take care of private matters and was not able to relax. It was not only stressful but also often unproductive because I was forced to work at certain times.

    Flexible working hours and also the possibility to work from home are two important factors for balancing my work and private life, especially now as a mom.

    When there is a busy day filled with lots of different tasks, I am able to work during my daughter’s nap time or in the evening when she is already sleeping.

    I appreciate this flexibility enabling me to be more productive at work and less stressed in my private life. It also allows me to pursue my career and enjoy being a good family manager at the same time.

    Flexible working hours –
    just a phrase in VMRay’s job descriptions or truly part of the culture?

    Flexible working hours are more than just a phrase at VMRay. We can decide when we work best and schedule our working hours accordingly. Some of my colleagues like to work during the same hours every day, while others prefer to be more flexible with their working hours.

    At VMRay, both options are possible. Of course, our working schedule always depends on our position and the amount of meetings we need to attend. However, there is always the possibility of starting work later or leaving earlier to take care of a private matter. I would say we have a give and take mentality  at VMRay that makes our way of working so efficient.

    What tips do you have for using flexible working hours wisely?

    Flexible working hours help us to be more productive because we can decide when we work best. When choosing your working hours model always keep in mind that you do not need to choose the same model as your colleagues just because it is working for them.

    Everyone works different and everyone has different working hours in which they perform best. Also keep in mind to choose a model that supports your work-life-balance and does not require you to be available 24/7.

    What is special about working in an international team?

    People in an international team have diverse perspectives, and the flow of ideas is never-ending. More ideas improve problem-solving, thereby increasing the team’s productivity.

    It is equally fun knowing different cultures; of course, you have more festivals to celebrate.

    Which of your previous experiences are helpful in such an environment?

    Previously, I’ve spent 5 years working in Malaysia. At that time, I’ve seen the advantages of working in an international team, which helped me acquire new skills and techniques, and boosted my confidence.

    When did you start working for VMRay and what was your motivation to join?

    I joined VMRay in July 2022, but I have been a Linkedin follower for quite some time.

    VMRay’s technology for detecting malware is unparalleled, and I desired to join this team.

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    Site Reliability Engineer
    Development Team

    What possibilities to grow does VMRay offer?

    It offers great opportunity to develop myself and bring forward my own ideas, as I’m now taking on a totally new challenge of moving from a senior developer to the position of Site Reliability Engineer. This position is also new at VMRay, so there are a lot of “firsts” happening for everyone right now.

    What does a typical working day look like for you?

    As is the nature of a totally new position, my workday is still full of exciting new tasks and challenges. I would say, there is no typical workday for me, but I expect that to change in the near future as the new position is well established and the integration within our cross functional teams has settled.

    How do you work together with different departments?

    Currently this means reaching out to many different persons in the development department and beyond that to legal department and C-Level executives to establish the details of my new role. Everyone at VMRay is very open to exchanging ideas and thoughts, and I’m looking forward to the things to come.


    Head of Sales, US
    Sales Team

    Why did you start working at VMRay?

    Recognizing the market demand for a Malware Analysis Platform that provides timely and accurate results, VMRay stands above the rest. VMRay presents me the opportunity to help Enterprises strengthen mission critical systems.

    How would you describe your team?

    The team is smart, energetic, collaborative, and forward thinking. We strive for consistent excellence, putting great people with a great product.

    What was your most exciting project so far? 

    The most exciting part of my job is having a direct impact on the success of VMRay’s growth and Go-To Market Strategy. Knowing that my contributions are important in bringing a solution that Detects the Undetectable to the world is very rewarding.
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