Malware False Positive Cost Calculator

Calculating the exact cost of malware false positive alerts is difficult, as every SOC team operates differently. This cost calculator provides organizations with the ability to customize the inputs to reflect their own operating environment to derive an approximate financial impact cost based on 5 key metrics.


NOTE: Industry average FP rate is 25%, although Enterprise may be as high as 43%, MDR/MSSPs up to 54% or more.

Calculate how much malware false positives are costing your organization:

Range: 0-2,500
Range: 1-100
$ Range: $15-$120
% Range: 0%-75%
Range: 0.00-5.00

Calculated Results

0 Hours
Total Time Required for FP Alerts / Day
0 Hours
Number of Hours / Week Spent on FP’s
0 Alerts
Average Malware Alerts Per Analyst / Day
0 FP Alerts
Average False Positive Alerts Per Analyst / Day
Cost of Organization
$0 Cost Day
Total Cost of FP Per Analyst / Day
$0 Cost Wk.
Total Cost of FP Per Analyst / Week
$0 Cost Yr.
Total Cost of FP Per Analyst / Year
$0 Total Cost
Total SOC Cost of Fasle Positives / Year

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