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In its ramp-up to the market launch, VMRay, the next-generation malware-analysis company, is building its management strength and governance by adding two seasoned managers to its advisory board. This is another step towards rounding out the competencies of the company by adding special skills and specific, in particular geographical experiences.
Meike Klinck interviewed Ralf Hund for the “AllesING”-magazine that regularly introduces spinoffs from the HGI institute of the Ruhr-University Bochum. The founder talks about the idea and uniqueness of the VMRay software and about the obstacles and challenges in founding a new company. The interview can be found here: http://www.ing.rub.de/news/news00111.html.de
At this year VB2013 conference Ralf Hund gave a presentation on “Hardware-Assisted System Monitoring“. He described how modern hypervisor extensions can be utilized to realize a performant, transparent and isolated system monitoring. Use cases of this monitoring system are mainly the analysis of malware, especially of highly sophisticated instances such
Carsten Willems and Ralf Hund have been interviewed about their research interests and what they aim to bring to VB2013. The VB2013 conference takes place this autumn (2-4 October) in Berlin, with an exciting programme that covers many of today’s most pertinent security-related topics. In the build-up to the event
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