analysis Powerful Malware Analysis
VMRay’s monitoring and analysis technology utilizes advanced hardware-virtualization for the analysis of malware, such as regular viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, but also complex and sophisticated kernel rootkits and bootkits. The VMRay Analyzer core technology powers platform-independent protection and mitigation solutions for threat protection in large-scale networks, while optimized for transparency and performance.
protection Advanced Threat Protection for the Enterprise
Based on our unique VMRay Analyzer technology, we provide enterprise solutions to protect from advanced threats (APTs), including those that leverage Zero-Day exploits and kernel-level rootkits. All network data can be automatically analyzed and blocked if malicious content is contained within. By blocking intrusion and preventing further propagation of all kinds of malware, VMRay protects your organization’s assets, infrastructure and intellectual property.
response Incident Response
Our products do not only prevent attackers from breaking into your systems, but also provide you with all the needed intelligence and data for forensic reconstruction of blocked intrusion attempts. Found malware can be analyzed with our unique behavior analysis engine in several ways, delivering all required information in a short time frame. VMRay displays results on many different abstraction layers for different audiences (like tier1 support, expert incident responders or managers), giving either a human-language-like summary or a detailed behavior report that includes every single operation.