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Created on 2023-02-03T18:26:08+00:00


Windows DLL (x86-64)

Remarks (2/3)

(0x02000008): One or more processes crashed during the analysis. Analysis results may be incomplete.

(0x02000009): DLL files normally need to be submitted with an appropriate loader. Analysis result may be incomplete if an appropriate loader was not submitted.

(0x0200000E): The overall sleep time of all monitored processes was truncated from "8 minutes, 29 seconds" to "1 minute, 30 seconds" to reveal dormant functionality.


(0x0200005D): 7572 additional dumps with the reason "Content Changed" and a total of 12062 MB were skipped because the respective maximum limit was reached.

File Name Category Type Verdict Actions
C:\Users\kEecfMwgj\Desktop\51bb71bd446bd7fc03cc1234fcc3f489f10db44e312c9ce619b937fad6912656.exe.dll Sample File Binary
Also Known As C:\Users\KEECFM~1\Desktop\51bb71bd446bd7fc03cc1234fcc3f489f10db44e312c9ce619b937fad6912656.exe.dll (Accessed File)
MIME Type application/
File Size 903.00 KB
MD5 a740177df6f2918373d4e6f482b8c2e3 Copy to Clipboard
SHA1 4501edd7904033cfdee783c03af2df0db935be30 Copy to Clipboard
SHA256 51bb71bd446bd7fc03cc1234fcc3f489f10db44e312c9ce619b937fad6912656 Copy to Clipboard
SSDeep 24576:gYfSxQ6Gjq/v/PQ7fV+Hz9PuYWp9ToAbXjTA+JxN9QS:/fSqovPQ7Cs9FbTTAAbx Copy to Clipboard
ImpHash 5b5de5739f4fcbaa215d9c878921b5a7 Copy to Clipboard
PE Information
Image Base 0x180000000
Entry Point 0x180002EA0
Size Of Code 0x00011600
Size Of Initialized Data 0x000D0E00
Compile Timestamp 2023-02-01 16:16 (UTC+1)
Sections (7)
Name Virtual Address Virtual Size Raw Data Size Raw Data Offset Flags Entropy
.text 0x180001000 0x00011592 0x00011600 0x00000400 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_CODE, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_EXECUTE, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ 6.42
.rdata 0x180013000 0x0006E1CE 0x0006E200 0x00011A00 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ 7.45
.data 0x180082000 0x00061480 0x00060A00 0x0007FC00 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_WRITE 7.59
.pdata 0x1800E4000 0x00000A08 0x00000C00 0x000E0600 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ 4.32
.gfids 0x1800E5000 0x00000010 0x00000200 0x000E1200 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ 0.16
.rsrc 0x1800E6000 0x000001E0 0x00000200 0x000E1400 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ 4.72
.reloc 0x1800E7000 0x00000500 0x00000600 0x000E1600 IMAGE_SCN_CNT_INITIALIZED_DATA, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_DISCARDABLE, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ 5.02
Imports (1)
KERNEL32.dll (50)
API Name Ordinal IAT Address Thunk RVA Thunk Offset Hint
CreateFileA - 0x180013000 0x00080C98 0x0007F698 0x000000BA
LockFile - 0x180013008 0x00080CA0 0x0007F6A0 0x000003BE
ReadFile - 0x180013010 0x00080CA8 0x0007F6A8 0x00000454
WriteFile - 0x180013018 0x00080CB0 0x0007F6B0 0x000005F1
CloseHandle - 0x180013020 0x00080CB8 0x0007F6B8 0x0000007F
GetLastError - 0x180013028 0x00080CC0 0x0007F6C0 0x00000256
HeapCreate - 0x180013030 0x00080CC8 0x0007F6C8 0x0000033A
InitializeCriticalSection - 0x180013038 0x00080CD0 0x0007F6D0 0x00000350
EnterCriticalSection - 0x180013040 0x00080CD8 0x0007F6D8 0x00000129
LeaveCriticalSection - 0x180013048 0x00080CE0 0x0007F6E0 0x000003A5
TryEnterCriticalSection - 0x180013050 0x00080CE8 0x0007F6E8 0x0000058B
WaitForSingleObject - 0x180013058 0x00080CF0 0x0007F6F0 0x000005BB
CreateThread - 0x180013060 0x00080CF8 0x0007F6F8 0x000000E7
GetSystemDirectoryA - 0x180013068 0x00080D00 0x0007F700 0x000002D3
VirtualAlloc - 0x180013070 0x00080D08 0x0007F708 0x000005AB
GetModuleHandleA - 0x180013078 0x00080D10 0x0007F710 0x0000026A
SwitchToFiber - 0x180013080 0x00080D18 0x0007F718 0x0000056A
CreateFiber - 0x180013088 0x00080D20 0x0007F720 0x000000B7
ConvertThreadToFiber - 0x180013090 0x00080D28 0x0007F728 0x0000009C
CallNamedPipeA - 0x180013098 0x00080D30 0x0007F730 0x00000065
RaiseException - 0x1800130A0 0x00080D38 0x0007F738 0x00000444
RtlCaptureContext - 0x1800130A8 0x00080D40 0x0007F740 0x000004AE
RtlLookupFunctionEntry - 0x1800130B0 0x00080D48 0x0007F748 0x000004B5
RtlVirtualUnwind - 0x1800130B8 0x00080D50 0x0007F750 0x000004BC
IsDebuggerPresent - 0x1800130C0 0x00080D58 0x0007F758 0x0000036A
UnhandledExceptionFilter - 0x1800130C8 0x00080D60 0x0007F760 0x00000592
SetUnhandledExceptionFilter - 0x1800130D0 0x00080D68 0x0007F768 0x00000552
GetCurrentProcess - 0x1800130D8 0x00080D70 0x0007F770 0x0000020F
TerminateProcess - 0x1800130E0 0x00080D78 0x0007F778 0x00000570
IsProcessorFeaturePresent - 0x1800130E8 0x00080D80 0x0007F780 0x00000370
SetLastError - 0x1800130F0 0x00080D88 0x0007F788 0x00000519
HeapAlloc - 0x1800130F8 0x00080D90 0x0007F790 0x00000338
HeapFree - 0x180013100 0x00080D98 0x0007F798 0x0000033C
GetModuleHandleW - 0x180013108 0x00080DA0 0x0007F7A0 0x0000026D
GetProcAddress - 0x180013110 0x00080DA8 0x0007F7A8 0x000002A4
TlsGetValue - 0x180013118 0x00080DB0 0x0007F7B0 0x00000584
TlsSetValue - 0x180013120 0x00080DB8 0x0007F7B8 0x00000585
FreeLibrary - 0x180013128 0x00080DC0 0x0007F7C0 0x000001A4
LoadLibraryExW - 0x180013130 0x00080DC8 0x0007F7C8 0x000003AA
LCMapStringW - 0x180013138 0x00080DD0 0x0007F7D0 0x00000399
IsValidCodePage - 0x180013140 0x00080DD8 0x0007F7D8 0x00000375
GetACP - 0x180013148 0x00080DE0 0x0007F7E0 0x000001AA
GetOEMCP - 0x180013150 0x00080DE8 0x0007F7E8 0x0000028D
GetCPInfo - 0x180013158 0x00080DF0 0x0007F7F0 0x000001B9
ExitProcess - 0x180013160 0x00080DF8 0x0007F7F8 0x00000157
GetModuleHandleExW - 0x180013168 0x00080E00 0x0007F800 0x0000026C
GetStringTypeW - 0x180013170 0x00080E08 0x0007F808 0x000002CC
MultiByteToWideChar - 0x180013178 0x00080E10 0x0007F810 0x000003D4
WideCharToMultiByte - 0x180013180 0x00080E18 0x0007F818 0x000005DD
RtlUnwindEx - 0x180013188 0x00080E20 0x0007F820 0x000004BB
Exports (5)
API Name EAT Address Ordinal
Cpurthnvlc 0x00005970 0x00000001
FPH732n7 0x00011CF0 0x00000002
KlXWgB9j 0x00010010 0x00000003
LKKIJ77 0x00006420 0x00000004
MMlFUh3Tzt 0x00010CF0 0x00000005
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This feature requires an online-connection to the VMRay backend.

An offline version with limited functionality is also provided.
The offline version is supported only in Mozilla Firefoxwith deactivated setting \"security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy\".


This feature requires an online-connection to the VMRay backend.

An offline version with limited functionality is also provided.
The offline version is supported only in Mozilla Firefoxwith deactivated setting \"security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy\".


This feature requires an online-connection to the VMRay backend.

An offline version with limited functionality is also provided.
The offline version is supported only in Mozilla Firefoxwith deactivated setting \"security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy\".