We did the hardest thing first:

Evasion resistance

VMRay was founded with the goal of defeating malware’s most daunting trait: its ability to detect and evade traditional monitoring methods, which leave telltale signs of their presence in the analysis environment. And that’s exactly what we did.

Taking a radically different approach, VMRay placed the monitoring system in the hypervisor layer, so it monitors malware activity entirely from outside the target machine. This makes VMRay virtually undetectable: an enduring super-power that distinguishes our solution from all others.

We cover the last mile best:

Full visibility

Being undetectable, VMRay’s dynamic analysis engine sees every interaction between malware and the target system— from simplistic, easily defeated attacks to insidious threats that “good enough” sandboxes aren’t good enough to catch.

We look deep, wide, back and ahead:

Reduced attacker dwell time

When VMRay’s comprehensive results are correlated with rich threat intelligence, analysts can spot evidence of a wider threat including ones that may have been lying dormant for weeks or months.

We deliver high performance and massive scalability:

Without compromise

Many vendors make broad claims about their analysis and detection capabilities. But under the hood, they’re forced to accept painful tradeoffs among the traits that define superior performance: speed and accuracy of detection, deep visibility into malware behavior, low false-positive rates, noise-free results, and easy integration with the security ecosystem.

Our singular focus and deep expertise make VMRay uniquely equipped to deliver high-performance, massively scalable analysis and detection—across the enterprise and without compromise.