Why VMRay: Most advanced Threat Detection & Analysis Platform

Why VMRay

Maximize SOC and IR team productivity

Productivity: Where staff resources are stretched thin and senior-level expertise is in short supply, a VMRay solution helps SOC and IR teams increase everyone’s productivity. With powerful tools to guide and educate them, analysts can handle high volume of alerts, make faster, better-informed decisions and quickly grow both their insights into the alerts at hand, their skills and aggregate their own threat intelligence.

Efficiency: The increased efficiency of individual team members frees analysts to focus on the right alerts, more advanced challenges, such as deep-dive, manual investigations of complex threats or infrastructure improvements.

Automation: VMRay makes these gains possible by massively automating every stage of the analysis-detection-protection lifecycle, eliminating the need for human intervention wherever possible. With VMRay’s intuitive web interface, individuals can work productively at their current duties while continually mastering new skills and shortcuts. The result is enhanced team performance, faster resolution of threat incidents, and a cohesive work environment that fosters job satisfaction and inspires loyalty.

Enhance enterprise security
Improve cyber resilience by minimizing threat-related risks
A solution that maximize the value you get from your existing security investments: Tools that maximize the efficiency of limited staff resources and enable much better KPI such as Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR), empowering faster reaction times to stop or limit the damage caused by malware and phishing threats. All these qualities—which are built into VMRay FinalVerdict, VMRay DeepResponse, and VMRay TotalInsight — reduce the risks and costs of zero-day, evasive, or advanced malware and phishing threats with Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis and enhance your organization’s overall security posture.
Defeat the most challenging malware and phishing threats
VMRay was founded with the goal of defeating evasive malware which detect and evade traditional monitoring methods in the analysis environment. And that’s exactly what we did to help customers with Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis. Taking an innovative approach, VMRay placed the monitoring system in the hypervisor layer, enabling it to monitor malware activity entirely from outside the target machine. Best on the world's most advanced malware sandbox and empowered by 30+ best-of-breed technologies, VMRay remains undetectable to the threat. This is the super-power that distinguishes our solution from all others. As the threat landscape moved towards email, we also developed our own phishing detection and analysis technology.
Supplement your security stack, without replacing
VMRay enhances the huge investments enterprises have already made in the security ecosystem. These include endpoint detection & response (EDR), email security and web defenses, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), legacy applications, SOAR, SIEM and other tools. Instead of displacing existing systems, VMRay mitigates their known weaknesses and increases their efficacy, most notably by catching unknown (zero-day), evasive, sophisticated or targeted malware, phishing attacks that would otherwise be missed. VMRay maximizes the productivity of your SOC teams by reducing EDR false positives through alert triage, and bring context to alerts via alert enrichment for SOAR, so that your teams can focus on performing higher-value tasks and building new skills which will improve your SOC maturity.
Reduce attacker dwell time
VMRay’s comprehensive results can help generate rich threat intelligence, which in turn can help analysts spot evidence of a wider threat including ones that may have been lying dormant for weeks or months.
Full visibility into the threat

As malware executes in a safe environment withing the Platform, VMRay transparently monitors every interaction with the target machine, logging all control flow mechanisms, calling conventions and privilege levels. With complete and continuous visibility into malicious behavior, the SOC team can quickly and accurately triage the most urgent threats for further investigation or mitigation.

Being undetectable, VMRay’s dynamic analysis engine sees every interaction between malware and the target system— from simplistic, easily defeated attacks to insidious threats that “good enough” sandboxes aren’t good enough to catch. We are constantly working towards evasion-proof monitoring from the hypervisor level, which provides unique visibility and defense against evasion, because from the hypervisor we not only see malicious activity, but also every necessary detail. VMRay's vision is much deeper than that of traditional sandboxing technologies (hooking).

Fast yet still reliable
Many vendors make broad claims about their analysis and detection capabilities. But under the hood, they’re forced to accept painful trade-offs among the traits that define superior performance: speed and accuracy of detection, deep visibility into malware behavior, low false-positive rates, noise-free results, and easy integration with the security ecosystem. Our deep expertise and experience make VMRay Advanced Threat Detection and Analysis Platform uniquely equipped to deliver high-performance, massively scalable analysis and detection—across the enterprise and without compromise.

VMRay Full Portfolio

Our new portfolio of products offers the ultimate solution for security organizations looking to overcome all sorts of your SOC & TI related challenges:
World's most advanced malware & phishing analysis solution

VMRay DeepResponse

With a focus on speed and efficiency, DeepResponse is designed to help you reduce incident response times, improve ROI of threat-hunting efforts and improve your detection engineering efficiently.
The single source of truth for Security Automation

VMRay FinalVerdict

As the single reliable source of truth, VMRay FinalVerdict provides timely insights around malware and phishing threats to increase the SOC effectiveness
Build the most reliable and actionable Threat Intelligence

VMRay TotalInsight

With advanced monitoring & detection capabilities, configuration extraction, IOC scoring technologies, and API-first approach, TotalInsight enables you to quickly & effectively analyze even the most evasive malware samples and turn them into accurate actionable intelligence.

“We use a variety of tools for static and behavioral analysis. What our team loves about VMRay is the ability to quickly triage a lot of malicious samples by providing a wide variety of targets, configurations and applications out of the box.

We get a good sense of all the behavior, whether it uses an Office document or malicious PDF, and because VMRay foils many sandbox-evasion techniques and allows more malware to run.”

Research Team Lead


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