VMRay unveils its new product portfolio

VMRay unveils
new product portfolio

to help customers boost the productivity of security operations


Bochum, Germany – March 01, 2023 – VMRay, an esteemed global player in automated malware and phishing analysis solutions, has today announced the upcoming release of a new product portfolio consisting of three new products: FinalVerdict, DeepResponse, and TotalInsight. The diversified product portfolio aims at responding to three major trends in security operations:

  • The need to automate security operations to increase SOC productivity as the volume of alerts and false positives are constantly increasing
  • The need to accelerate incident response with reliable, fast, and efficient analysis of malware and phishing threats
  • The need enable organizations to build customized, reliable, and actionable Threat Intelligence to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape
VMRay's new product portfolio and the use cases they are optimized to be be used.

VMRay has been helping organizations minimize risk, maximize the return on their existing security investments, and enhance the productivity of security teams. With the introduction of the new product portfolio, VMRay’s customers will be able to benefit from the platform’s advanced capabilities for a broader spectrum of security operations. The portfolio will also enable customers to find a perfect fit for their specific challenges by tailoring their solutions as the level of SOC maturity and the required depth of analysis evolve.

“We’ve ended 2022 by closing our Series B investment round, and within just one quarter, we’re proud to be introducing our new portfolio,” said Dr. Carsten Willems, co-founder and CEO of VMRay. “This indicates the start of a whole new chapter in our journey towards reinventing advanced threat analysis. Our goal is to keep empowering our customers to improve their security posture and enhance their SOC’s maturity by offering them a solution that grows with them. In a time of increasing complexity, VMRay’s new portfolio will help create room for clarity and productivity, much needed by SOC teams.”

Dr. Carsten Willems, CEO and Co-founder of VMRay explains what the new portfolio means for customers and the company.

VMRay FinalVerdict:
The single source of truth for Security Automation

Security automation is a major cybersecurity trend, as seen on Gartner’s 2022 Emerging Tech Impact Radar for Security, where the most prominent trends are linked to automating security operations or hyper-automation. The sheer volume and low quality of alerts, as well as the skills shortage in cybersecurity are the main reasons that lead to the need to prioritize SOC productivity.

With VMRay FinalVerdict, organizations will be able to overcome these challenges by automating, accelerating, and scaling alert triage and investigation with noise-free and accurate input they need to automate tasks with peace of mind. As the single reliable source of truth, VMRay FinalVerdict provides timely and definitive verdicts about malware and phishing threats in high-volume-alert environments to increase SOC productivity. With seamless integrations through dedicated connectors or Rest API, FinalVerdict can be used to triage the alerts received from EDRs, investigate and enrich alerts for SOAR playbooks, and validate user-reported phishing alerts in an automated way.

VMRay DeepResponse:
World’s most advanced malware & phishing analysis solution

Powered by the most advanced malware and phishing analysis sandbox, VMRay DeepResponse addresses the major challenge of SOC analysts, incident responders, threat hunters, and detection engineers: time-consuming manual analysis processes which prevent them from staying ahead of new and unknown threats.

DeepResponse provides in-depth and noise-free reports needed to mitigate and respond to unknown, targeted, or sophisticated file and URL-based threats. With a focus on speed and efficiency, DeepResponse is designed to reduce incident response times and improve the ROI of otherwise time-intensive threat analysis processes.

VMRay TotalInsight:
Build reliable, actionable and unique Threat Intelligence 

VMRay introduces TotalInsight to enable organizations to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape with new threats and targeted attacks that damage security posture. With TotalInsights, government organizations, enterprises operating in highly regulated industries, and MSSPs can build their own tailor-made threat intelligence against targeted, custom-crafted, and industry-specific threats. TotalInsight is built for Threat Intelligence teams that demand scalability and efficiency in their threat intelligence process.

The new products will be available with both cloud and on-premises deployment options with the 2023.2.0 release that will come out on April 01. “The new portfolio will enable us to be wherever our customers need us and help their SOC teams thrive,” concludes Dr. Willems, “I could even claim that this is the first step of our transition into becoming a SOC productivity company.”

About VMRay

At VMRay, our purpose is to liberate the world from undetectable digital threats.

Led by reputable cyber security pioneers, we develop best-in-class technologies to help organizations distinguish genuine threats from the noise and obtain additional context and insights into those threats.

Based on the world’s most advanced malware and phishing analysis platform, we enable enterprises, government organizations, and MSSPs to automate security operations, accelerate analysis and response, and build reliable threat intelligence. In times of uncertainty and complexity, we empower our customers to move forward with ultimate peace of mind by creating room for clarity and productivity.


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