Live Webinar | VMRay Analyzer: New Features & Enhancements 2022 Roundup

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VMRay Analyzer –

New Features & Enhancements

A Roundup of 2022

At VMRay, we’re committed to expand advanced threat analysis capabilities to fight back against modern malware threats. To that end, over the last 9 months, we’ve released new capabilities which are purpose-made to solve real-world problems of security analysts.
Register now for this Live Webinar on Tuesday, 11 October at 15.00 BST where we’ll demonstrate new features and enhancements announced in 2022:
  • Malware configuration extraction
  • IR Mailbox enhancements
  • Machine learning for advanced phishing processing
  • New integrations with your security tech stack
  • PLUS, sneak peek into the features coming in the next release!
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And see how VMRay can help detect advanced evasive threats and automate analyst tasks to maximize your security investments ROI:

Covered in the webinar
– Take a peek:

Deeper Insights with Malware Configuration Extraction

Malware configurations contain the highest fidelity IOCs that are possible to automatically generate. These IOCs can be used for threat hunting or even blocking. The malware’s configuration includes all of its C2 addresses, and often other indicators such as registry keys, mutexes and filenames.

Machine Learning for Advanced Phishing Processing

VMRay has been diligently working on expanding our best-in-class phishing threat detection with ML. The solution supplements already existing detections to catch even more unknown phishing pages which can otherwise fall through the cracks.

Easy to connect with EDRs, SOARs and TIPs

The out-of-box connectors with various security tools empowers SOC teams to automate the resource-intensive alert processing, threat analysis, malware investigation and false positive elimination tasks.

About The Speakers

How VMRay Analyzer can
make a real difference

VMRay is our deep sandbox that helped us reduce manual analyses by 90%.
Global Top 3
Cybersecurity Consulting Company
Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way.
Leading Global Tech Company
Technology Industry
VMRay provided the fully automated detection capabilities that were crucial to speed up our incident response process and shorten investigation.
Major Telecom Company
Telecommunications Industry
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Uncover the most sophisticated threats.

Detect threats that other security controls miss

VMRay platform observes and monitors detonation from outside the environment, allowing safe detonation and granular analysis of IOCs.
Save time for your SOC analysts.

Detect and respond faster with less effort

VMRay Analyzer is built to automate SOC processes, optimizing automated alert triage and threat intelligence submissions to TIPs With noise-free reports and reliable verdicts.
Maximize ROI of your security investments.

Unlock the full potential of your existing cybersecurity solutions

VMRay Analyzer filters out false positives and enriches reports with actionable insights. Built-in API connectors enable seamless integrations with all popular XDR/EDR / SOAR platforms.

Connect with ease:

VMRay’s out-of-the-box integrations unlocks the true potential of your security stack.

World’s best trust us
for a reason

Cyber Security Team Lead
Leading Global Tech Company

Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way. This creates enormous value for our company, customers and partners.

Threat Intelligence Team
Top 10 Global Technology Brand

VMRay’s data quality and rich API allowed us to automate our reverse engineering and data extraction tasks in a way no other vendor was able to provide.

Threat Research Team
Carbon Black

What our team loves about VMRay is the ability to quickly triage a lot of malicious samples by providing a wide variety of targets, configurations and applications out of the box.

Calculate how much malware false positives are costing your organization:
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