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The Power Duo :
Maximize SOC productivity with VMRay + MS Defender for Endpoint

Explore how you can maximize the performance of your security team and tools by integrating VMRay’s advanced malware and phishing analysis.

The security team is at the at the center of the storm. On the one side, the volume and the complexity of alerts are exponentially growing. On the other side, the number of security tools and the complexity of data they need to work with are continuously increasing. 

Let’s have a word about the experience of the analysts, and discuss why it is paramount for security posture of an organization.

Part 2

Watch the step-by-step guide on how you install the connector, make the initial settings and configurations, and seamlessly bring VMRay’s advanced malware and phishing analysis capabilities to your MS Defender for Endpoint workflows.

See VMRay in action.
Bring advanced malware and phishing analysis capabilities to your MS Defender for Endpoints workflow.

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Explore how this power duo can help small teams achieve big results.


Validate and triage alerts with VMRay’s fast and definitive verdicts.

Welcome to the playground.

Explore what you can do with VMRay.

Click on the yellow dots to check the report formats, see the overview, explore the network connections of the sample, malicious behavior, and relevant files, map the threat on MITRE ATT&CK Framework, analyze and download IOCs and artifacts.

The analysis report tabs are available both for VMRayDeepResponse and VMRayTotalInsight. The bundle of VMRay FinalVerdict and VMRayDeepResponse also offers access to the analysis report tabs.

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Unveiling the power:
See our experts showcasing VMRay’s capabilities.

Analysis of a malicious file

Join Fatih Akar from the VMRay team as he provides a detailed walkthrough of a malicious LNK file, a prevalent attack vector since Microsoft’s Office macros block.

Gain valuable insights into each tab of our comprehensive analysis report and get a sneak peek into what you’ll be exploring.

Analysis of a malicious URL

Join Andrey Voitenko, an expert in advanced malware and phishing analysis from the VMRay team, as he demonstrates how to submit emails and URLs to the VMRay platform using built-in connectors.

Discover the capabilities of our new Automation Dashboard, enabling one-click automation with your existing EDR, SOAR, SIEM, and TIP tools. Monitor analysis data seamlessly from your VMRay dashboard and unlock new levels of efficiency in your security operations.

Integrating with existing tools

Watch Michael Bourton showcasing the seamless integration of VMRay platform with your existing security stacks.

Discover how effortlessly you can leverage unparalleled detection and analysis capabilities by utilizing dedicated connectors or our Rest API.

Experience VMRay in Action:
Explore Real-world Malware Analysis Reports

Get a firsthand look at the power and capabilities of the VMRay platform by delving into our sample malware and phishing analysis reports.

Immerse yourself in a range of report formats, providing comprehensive insights.

Dive into the overview, explore intricate network connections, analyze malicious behavior in detail, and map threats using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework. See the possibilities to download clear IOCs.

Uncover the capabilities that await you.

Calculate how much malware false positives are costing your organization:
Malware False Positive Cost Calculator