The Human Element: Enhancing Malicious Email Detection With User Reported Phishing

Email gateways and perimeter phishing solutions do a good job of detecting the bulk of inbound threats, but sometimes the analysis results are inconclusive. A small percentage of malicious and damaging emails still manage to get through into the enterprise to finish up in end-user inboxes. In large Enterprises, many organizations have begun training their workforce to recognize phishing emails that may slip through the cracks. With hundreds or thousands of mailbox recipients, the number of potentially harmful phishing attacks reported by end-users can quickly reach unmanageable levels for SOC Teams to handle.

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Automate the analysis of malicious email threats

Accelerate and streamline the phishing triage process

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  Leading Global Tech Company
Leading Global Tech Company Technology Industry
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Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way.
Major Telecom Company
Major Telecom CompanyTelecommunications Industry
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VMRay provided the fully automated detection capabilities. that were crucial to speed up our incident response process and shorten investigation.
Global Top 3
Global Top 3Cybersecurity Consulting Company
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VMRay is ourdeep sandbox that helped us reduce manual analyses by 90%

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Cyber Security Team LeadLeading Global Tech Company

Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way. This creates enormous value for our company, customers and partners.

Threat Intelligence TeamTop 10 Global Technology Brand

VMRay’s data quality and rich API allowed us to automate our reverse engineering and data extraction tasks in a way no other vendor was able to provide.

Threat Research Team Carbon Black

What our team loves about VMRay is the ability to quickly triage a lot of malicious samples by providing a wide variety of targets, configurations and applications out of the box.

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