The benefits of automated malware configuration extraction

Explore the invaluable benefits of automated malware configuration extraction. Learn how it empowers cybersecurity and enhances threat analysis.

Malware configurations serve as the digital blueprints that define a malware sample’s behavior. The act of automatically extracting these configurations from malicious code offers numerous advantages for cybersecurity defenders.

Uncovering High-Quality IOCs

Malware configurations contain some of the most reliable Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that can be automatically generated. These IOCs include essential details such as the malware’s Command and Control (C2) addresses, as well as other indicators like registry keys, mutexes, and filenames. 

For organizations in the realm of defense, examining logs for these IOCs can reveal concealed attacks, while blocking extracted URLs can effectively sever the connection between the malware and its C2 infrastructure.

Revealing Comprehensive Malware Behavior

The configuration of a malware sample often provides a detailed overview of its behavior. It can reveal activated features such as keylogging or data exfiltration mechanisms, offering security analysts invaluable insights. 

During the limited duration of sandbox execution, the malware’s complete behavior might remain unclear. However, the extracted configuration unveils what the malware would do if given more time on a real host.

Enhancing Malware Family Classification

Scaling up the extraction of malware configurations can reveal intricate connections among different malware samples. This in-depth exploration provides profound insights into the workings of a malware family and its evolutionary journey. 

Identical configuration values, such as reused cryptographic keys, serve as clues leading to complex groupings. These groupings can be instrumental in uncovering that seemingly unrelated incidents are, in fact, part of the same botnet or the work of a common threat actor.

Years of Ursnif samples clustered based on data extracted from their configuration in a VMRay-SANS webcast.
Years of Ursnif samples clustered based on data extracted from their configuration in a VMRay-SANS webcast.

In the following chapters, we will delve further into these benefits and explore how VMRay’s advanced capabilities facilitate the automated extraction of malware configurations with precision and scalability, empowering cybersecurity professionals to strengthen their defenses effectively.

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Chapter 3: 
Malware Configuration Extraction with VMRay

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