Background and the evolution   
of Qbot malware

With over a decade of operation, Qbot has transformed into a multifunctional threat capable of distributing ransomware and various malicious activities.

From Banking Trojan to Ransomware Distributor: 
Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Qbot

Today, we explore the dangerous and ever-changing world of Qbot. This malware family has captured significant attention due to its relentless activity and continuous evolution. With over a decade of operation, Qbot has transformed from a banking Trojan to a multifunctional threat capable of distributing ransomware and engaging in various malicious activities.

In 2020, a modified version of Qbot made headlines as it extracted email threats from Outlook to launch sophisticated phishing attacks. This variant also served as a payload for the method Trojan, impacting a significant number of organizations worldwide. Qbot’s adaptability has allowed it to collaborate with other prominent malware, targeting victims across industries.

Qbot has evolved its delivery methods over time, employing phishing emails, infected attachments, social engineering techniques, and exploit kits. Its techniques and procedures have expanded to include network propagation, data exfiltration, credential testing, sensitive information theft, and even lateral movement within infected networks.

This persistent threat continually evolves to bypass security measures, maximizing the impact of its attacks. Organizations must remain vigilant and implement best practices to protect their systems and data from Qbot and similar threats.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Qbot’s techniques, capabilities, and strategies to help you develop effective countermeasures against this evolving threat.

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