File Sanitization

Raise the level of advanced threat protection

Critical. Live. Frequent. File Transfers.
All protected against evasive malware

Your adversaries are always designing new malware to avoid detection and achieve successful delivery. Careful observations in the reconnaissance stage allow the hackers to find the right delivery mechanism in the form of file upload or download. VMRay Platform seamlessly integrates into specific file storage services to automatically analyze and detect malicious files by uncovering the objective in mind. 

Adaptable to your threat model and regulations

Self Service and Web Portal Applications

Block hackers taking advantage of your modernized business operations through malicious file uploads

advanced malware detection

file analysis

Isolated Air Gapped Networks

Protect your critical infrastructure from zero day malware delivered through physical media / USB storage

Software Firmware OS Updates

Defend your organization and customers against sophisticated APT-level attacks targeting your software supply chain

Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) with VMRay Analyzer

Winnti Mimikatz Malware Group

Stop sophisticated threats with advanced tactics

Stop sophisticated threats with advanced tactics VMRay delivers an unparalleled hypervisor based malware analysis technology to unearth the real behaviour of the modern malware. The platform brings in actionable insights which can help you further understand the attacker perspective and future attacks.

Autonomous, fast and reliable analysis at scale

VMRay is fully synchronized with the pace and size of your business by leveraging the power of automation.

Through the REST API and ICAP support, easily gain the advanced threat detection capability on top of your existing security stack.

Malware analysis
Malware sandbox platform

One unified platform for accurate detection

VMRay gives the holistic visibility into the malware behaviour to security teams they need to take immediate action.

The platform leverages reputation, static and dynamic analysis in harmony to discover the unknowns.

Intelligent monitoring technology brings ultimate resistance to evasive malware.

Intelligent Monitoring

Allows VMRay to stay invisible to evasive malware as it runs solely in the hypervisor layer and without affecting the analysis environment.

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Smart memory dumping ensures timely detection of malware

Smart Memory Dumping

Advanced triggers to accurately dump and store relevant memory buffers of analyzed malware in real time that enables timely detection.

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Machine Learning with VMRay Analyzer

Machine Learning

Fed by the highest quality input data derived from our analysis, our Machine Learning model improves our capabilities to detect the undetectable.

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What our customers say

“VMRay provided the fully automated detection capabilities that were crucial to speed up our incident response process and shorten investigation. Our malware analysts are finally able to quickly and accurately assess the scope and impact of threats, monitor what is most critical and dig deeper when needed.”

Cyber Threat Intelligence
One of Top 3 Largest Telecommunications Companies

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