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See How Easily You Can Close The Gaps in Your Office 365 Email Security

Email security: Common threats

From advanced threats like evasive and zero-day threats, to unknown phishing and spear phishing, to ransomware that can jeopardize your business and brand, the threats are multitudinous, and the surface vectors are expanding in our increasingly remote world.

Email threats

94% of incidents can still be traced back to email

So much so that 94% of malware  incidents can be traced back to email, and while standard Email Security included with most email suites, or part of a Secure Email Gateway (SEG), can defend against some threats, they simply cannot defend against all, so inevitably some will get through and detonate on your end-users’ computers.

Email security threats

Close the Gaps!

Despite the fact that leading cloud email providers invest billions of dollars to improve their protection, the risks and gaps described above are real and will likely remain. Trusting a single vendor to solve it all and relying on native email security only is not a good idea, in our opinion. There are technologies that can give you peace of mind with advanced email threats.


VMRay Email Threat Defender: Easy and cost efficient

Augmenting the security of your cloud email solution is easy and cost-efficient. VMRay Email Threat Defender  seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) via APIs without disrupting your email flow and can be set up in minutes.

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To help you uncover the advanced email threats that do slip through and protect your inboxes with ease, VMRay offers a free non-disruptive email security assessment. Your free assessment leverages a 30-day full-featured VMRay Email Threat Defender trial to help you:



Detect all advanced phishing, account takeover, credential harvesting, and zero-day malware threats that Office 365 missed.



Empower your security team to tackle alert fatigue with noise-free incidents reports and clear verdicts that everyone can act upon without delay.



Protect your users’ inboxes with automated email quarantine management and user notification 24/7.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Delivered from the cloud, with no hardware, no software to install, and no changes to your email infrastructure, VMRay Email Threat Defender for Office 365 gets you started quickly in three easy steps.

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Don’t Delay! Try Email Threat Defender Today!

Request Your Free Email Security Assessment

Request Your Free Email Security Assessment Today

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