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Win Customers by Using VMRay Analyzer

Short-staffed CIOs and CISOs are increasingly looking to outsource security to managed service providers, in particular when it comes to Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

This is a growth opportunity for many service providers, and the market is getting more and more crowded as service providers are realizing that MDR is a growth driver for them: if you do MDR well, customers will ask you to take on more and more services on their behalf.

Thus, critical differentiators and optimum performance are required to rise above the crowd.

VMRay Analyzer lets you do just that by decreasing response times, and by providing accurate and actionable threat intelligence. This empowers your team to make faster decisions with greater threat context.

Bottom line: we help you build trust with your customers – and when it comes to managed security this is your stepping stone to soaring above the competition.

Don’t take our word for it though. The 2021 winner of the Forrester Wave for MDRs is working with VMRay: Expel, has been using Analyzer since 2018 and in this Case Study they explain why it is so crucial to their unique success.

Award-winning Security Professionals Choose VMRay Analyzer

Consolidate your credibility with

In our brave new Ransomware world, your customers turn to managed service professionals like you to protect their business and brand.

Today, average Time to Detection (TTD) is 200 days, and average Time to Response (TTR) is 80 days. But that’s for the other folks. The elite security professionals have to be much faster.

This is where VMRay Analyzer can help: by drastically slashing detection and response times, and by giving you concise verdicts, reliable IOCs, noise-free reports, and deep-dive analytics.

Make Every Minute Count for your Cybersecurity Team

Your team is your most valuable asset.

But your team is already spread thin with a multitude of threats coming from a wide variety of attack surfaces. They have to make every minute count and Analyzer is a lifesaver here:

reducing tasks that used to take hours or even days down to mere minutes.



No More Chasing Ghosts with

We detect everything. You can also use Analyzer to quickly validate alerts on suspicious threats. Short-staffed security analysts should not be spending their time on false positives.

With agentless and intelligent monitoring from the hypervisor level, our platform can identify even the most sophisticated and targeted malware because we remain invisible to the malware.

Trustworthy IOCs with

Sandbox-generated Indicators of Compromise from confirmed threats are highly effective for threat hunting and detection. Yet, this source of intelligence is under-utilized due to the difficulty of extracting actionable, trusted IOCs in an efficient way.

VMRay Analyzer automates the process of generating IOCs to eliminate manual, time consuming methods to extract IOCs that are reliable and actionable.

Noise-Free Reports with

Hiding in the hypervisor allows us to Intelligently Monitor just about everything. But there is a lot of superfluous system activity going on, which just isn’t important to you so we make sure that the noise gets left behind.

The result is that our Summary and Detail Reports give you what you need to know, rather than everything there is to know.

Integrate with Ease Using our Pre-built Connectors to Analyzer

Connectors to all major security solution and software providers such as Splunk, Rapid 7, Sentinel One, Cybereason, Carbon Black and others enable perfect integration to SOAR, SIEM, EDR and XDR tools commonly used by MDRs and MSSPs

Seamlessly connect to
Splunk, Rapid7, VMWare Carbon Black, SentinelOne, Cybereason and Many More

You probably already have an impressive arsenal of the best security software available, covering SOAR, EDR, XDR, TIP, SIEM and more. And you certainly don’t want to waste your valuable time creating a custom integration from them to us.

So, we provide a wide variety of pre-built Connectors to industry-leading security software.

Input files and URLs for alert validation, or output verdicts, IOCs, and more – the Connectors have you covered in both directions, which means you can configure your in-house stack based on your exact requirements.

Build as You Please Using our REST API and Integration Kit

Distance Yourself from the Competition with Enhanced Customization and Automation

With the rise of MSS providers, and the more recent rise of even more MDR service providers, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and one way to do that is to create customized connections and additional functionality. Our extensive REST API helps you do this by providing endpoints for almost every function available in Analyzer, from submitting and retrieving results to everything in between. Administrative functionality, like checking server loads and quota usage, is also available for ultimate control with our On Premises version of Analyzer.  For even quicker integrations, our Integration Kit provides python source code for the most common Analyzer operations so you can easily be up and running in a day or two.

Rest API and Integration Kits allows advanced customization for MDR and MSSP experts

Add Yet Another Service with Analyzer's Abuse Mailbox

Empower all your Customer’s End-users with Ad Hoc Submission of Suspicious Emails

The Analyzer Abuse Mailbox (called IR Mailbox) provides for ad hoc scanning of suspicious emails that are submitted to the SOC by end-users. The IR Mailbox is a common email inbox that users can send suspected files, URLs and malware to, which are in turn submitted to Analyzer and evaluated. Our Outlook Plugin enables the IR Mailbox with one-click from within Outlook. One of our customers rolled out to 36,000 employees and is developing a company-wide culture of cybersecurity awareness with the help of the IR Mailbox.

Why Build When You Can Buy the Best?

A World-Class Sandbox Forged by Leaders in the Industry

Sure you can spend the next 10 years building and refining a world-class sandbox, but we already did it over the last 10 years. That’s why VMRay Analyzer is regarded as the best-of-breed sandbox available today with over 175 leading companies already using it, including a wide variety of MSSPs and MDR providers. Here is why Expel decided to buy and not build:

We are your Cyber Protection Partner Supporting you at Every Step

From initial contact to successful implementation, we support you every step of the way with complete support, comprehensive documentation (over 1500 pages in HTML and PDF format), and leading-edge research: constantly updating you about the latest threats, from our VMRay Labs Team.

Keys to the Future of SOC Automation
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