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Securing Your Privacy with VMRay: Safeguarding your data in a connected world

Your data is yours. And yours only.

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is critical for organizations to have proactive security, but security teams should know how to build unique threat intelligence that fits perfectly to their specific needs and challenges

In an era where data security and privacy are paramount, VMRay offers unparalleled privacy features that redefine the landscape of malware analysis. At VMRay, privacy isn’t a mere buzzword; it’s a core value that sets us apart, ensuring your data remains exclusively yours.

Your data is yours. And yours only.

VMRay’s commitment to your privacy goes beyond convention. We grant you complete ownership and control over your data, setting new standards for safeguarding your information.

You need privacy, not just security

Why choose VMRay for privacy that transcends the ordinary? Let’s delve into the unique features that make us the vanguard of data confidentiality.

1. Exclusive ownership: We don’t share your reports

VMRay does not share your analysis reports with third parties or threat intelligence platforms. Your data remains sacrosanct within our system, ensuring absolute confidentiality.

2. Comprehensive data privacy: Your IOCs stay yours

Our dedication to protecting your data extends to your Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Unlike some platforms, we don’t disclose your IOCs to external threat feeds, reinforcing your data’s privacy and security.

3. Absolute data secrecy: We respect your data

At VMRay, we practice an extraordinary level of data confidentiality—so much that we even keep your data secret from ourselves. We refrain from using your data for any purpose, amplifying your data’s integrity.

Customizing privacy policies

Customize your privacy settings with VMRay’s tailored options, putting you in the driver’s seat.

1. Choose your data hosting location:

Decide where your data resides, whether it’s our US servers or the privacy-centric servers in Germany. The choice empowers you to align data hosting with your privacy preferences.

2. Choose data hosting duration: Flexible Data Retention Policy

Maintain control over data retention with our flexible policy. Opt for immediate removal after analysis or extended hosting—your preferences shape the data’s lifespan.

3. Choose your deployment option: Cloud and On-Premise

For ultimate sovereignty, our on-premise deployment is ideal. Alternatively, our cloud deployment, backed by GDPR-compliant data centers, maintains data integrity without compromise.

Fostering compliance in regulated industries

Our platform caters to the unique privacy needs of regulated industries.

On-Premise Deployments: Ideal for compliance-driven sectors where data must never leave the organization’s network, ensuring uncompromising security.

Cloud-Based Deployments: Hosted in certified data centers, VMRay Cloud products prioritize data access solely by your users, bolstering data integrity.

Regulatory Compliance: VMRay is ISO/IEC 27001-certified, underpinning our commitment to data security and privacy.

Elevating privacy with best practices

VMRay’s commitment extends to your experience, embracing best practices for enhanced privacy:

Single Sign-On (SSO): Streamline access without compromising security.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Layered protection for your data.

Role-Based Account Control (RBAC): Empower data access in alignment with your organization’s structure.


In an interconnected world, where data is king, VMRay ensures your sovereignty. Experience a new paradigm of privacy—one that empowers you with control, confidentiality, and confidence.

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Analysis of a malicious file

Join Fatih Akar from the VMRay team as he provides a detailed walkthrough of a malicious LNK file, a prevalent attack vector since Microsoft’s Office macros block.

Gain valuable insights into each tab of our comprehensive analysis report and get a sneak peek into what you’ll be exploring.

Analysis of a malicious URL

Join Andrey Voitenko, an expert in advanced malware and phishing analysis from the VMRay team, as he demonstrates how to submit emails and URLs to the VMRay platform using built-in connectors.

Discover the capabilities of our new Automation Dashboard, enabling one-click automation with your existing EDR, SOAR, SIEM, and TIP tools. Monitor analysis data seamlessly from your VMRay dashboard and unlock new levels of efficiency in your security operations.

Integrating with existing tools

Watch Michael Bourton showcasing the seamless integration of VMRay platform with your existing security stacks.

Discover how effortlessly you can leverage unparalleled detection and analysis capabilities by utilizing dedicated connectors or our Rest API.

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