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VMRay Analyzer is a revolutionary departure from traditional sandbox analysis methods. Our agentless, hypervisor-based approach to monitoring is combined with a built-in, rapid reputation engine so digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) specialists can quickly determine whether files are malicious and remedial action needs to be taken. VMRay Analyzer Cloud is secure, private and seamlessly integrates into security ecosystems of all sizes through a powerful REST API.

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Seamless Integration

Easily incorporate VMRay Analyzer Cloud into your security ecosystem with a flexible REST API and out-of-the-box connectors.

Trusted Analysis

VMRay Analyzer scored 100% total detection efficacy against in-the-wild malware in MRG Effitas’ 2017 report.

Analysis at Scale

Analyze and detect advanced threats at scale with built-in YARA Rules, reputation engines, and multi-AV.

The Power of an Agentless Approach

Actionable Analysis of Every Threat

Unlike traditional analysis approaches, VMRay Analyzer uses intelligent monitoring to provide focused information on malware behavior without the noise. Whether the malware is doing an API call, using special CPU instructions to directly jump into the kernel, or using higher-level approaches such as COM objects, VMRay Analyzer always monitors malware activity at the right level.

VMRay Analyzer Cloud provides SOC teams with all the relevant information for the identification, classification, and remediation of advanced malware.

Automated Threat Scoring (VTI Score)

Complete Network Activity

Detailed Process Graphs

Out-of-the-Box Compatability

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Cobalt Strike Beacon

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Blackruby Ransomware

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Lotus Blossom Malspam

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