InQuest - VMRay


VMRay & InQuest Security Information and Event Management Integration

InQuest offers an on-premise network-based security solution that inspects application content over the most commonly used network protocols and performs Deep File Inspection (DFI) capable of detecting malware as it passes through your traditional security defenses. The InQuest team works with real-world, high profile networks on a daily basis and draws influences from actual attacks to publish new signatures and intelligence feeds on a regular weekly basis or as needed.


How Our Integration Works
The VMRay – InQuest Connector allows users to submit files from the Inquest platform to the VMRay Platform for analysis either manually or automatically. The results of the sandbox analysis are factored into the InQuest Threat Score and full reports from VMRay are retrieved and cached for reference by analysts from within the InQuest UI.


Calculate how much malware false positives are costing your organization:
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