VMRay & CyberSponse SecOps Automation Integration

Maximize & accelerate your SOAR performance with CyberSponse & VMRay Analyzer

CyberSponse is an automated orchestration engine that fills the gap between automation-only and human dependent security platforms. The CyberSponse Operations Platform permits automation of security tools within an incident management console for easy use and rapid deployment. CyberSponse is backed by a team of self-made entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the security industry with true grit, hard work, and innovative execution.


How Our Integration Works
The VMRay – Cybersponse Connector enables security teams to design playbooks that involve analyzing a file in the VMRay Platform and retrieving the analysis results and associated threat intelligence. The VMRay Platform can be used as part of several Cybersponse playbooks to mitigate the risk of potentially malicious files.

Autonomous Response to critical malware alerts

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