Linux Malware Analysis

Linux Malware Analysis
Closing the Security Gap with VMRay’s Linux Sandboxing Functionality

Complete Malware Analysis: NO blindspots

In the realm of cybersecurity, Linux’s protection often fell through the cracks. Not anymore. Our new analysis feature addresses this long-standing challenge, ensuring Linux—just like Windows and macOS—is no longer left exposed.

The Linux Challenge in Cybersecurity

While Windows and macOS have long received attention in malware defense, Linux remained an outlier.
This has inadvertently turned it into a more enticing target for attackers leveraging advanced threats, such as ransomware, IoT malware (like Mirai), backdoors/RATs, and notorious cryptominers like Monero and XMRig. Traditional defenses like antivirus and EDR solutions have struggled to keep pace, especially with Linux-based threats.

Multi-OS Analysis with Linux in the Spotlight:

A Holistic Approach to OS-targeted malware protection

We're not just enhancing Linux protection. By integrating our new ELF file analysis implementation, we ensure comprehensive malware scrutiny across all major OS.

Swift Detection & Response
for Linux Threats:

Our advanced Dynamic Analysis for Linux ensures that fresh malware samples, even those without current AV signatures, don't go unnoticed. And with dynamic monitoring insights, our hypervisor-based monitoring capabilities offer high-quality IOCs.

Benefits Tailored for
Malware Analysis Experts:

Our products - DeepResponse and TotalInsight with Linux ELF support ensures:

  • Minimal manual intervention/investigation
  • Accelerated incident resolution
  • Efficient triage & pinpointed analysis
  • Superior results outpacing freeware tools
  • A proactive approach against emergent Linux threats.
  • Delve into Our Static & Dynamic Analysis for Linux ELF Files

    Static Analysis Features:

    • ELF file submissions
    • File Reputation and Antivirus Lookups
    • Thorough static analysis, including file parsing, artifact extraction, and VTIs and YARA rule triggers.

    Dynamic Analysis Features:

    • Monitoring transitions and function calls
    • Anti-evasion mechanisms
      In-depth reports including IOCs and Screenshots
    • Tracking file operations and modifications
    • Comprehensive network traffic documentation, inclusive of a PCAP file
    • Advanced matching of Dynamic Analysis artifacts with YARA Rules

    Ready to Redefine Linux Security with DeepResponse and TotalInsight?

    Our groundbreaking Linux malware analysis isn’t just a universal feature – it’s exclusive. For those harnessing the power of our DeepResponse and TotalInsight products, this enhanced capability is at your fingertips. Join VMRay in opening a new era of robust Linux malware analysis, complementing our comprehensive coverage across all major OS platforms.

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