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How VMRay helps Life Fitness
Analyze EDR/XDR Alerts


Minimize analysis time
maximize efficiency.


- Small team of analysts
- Manual phishing analysis
- Looking for ways to automate


- Time-consuming process
- Delays in notifying users
- No time for strategic tasks


- Automated detonation
- Saved time on analysis
- Focus on improving defenses

With a small team, our processes were time-consuming and ineffective.

With VMRay‘s auto-forwarding feature, the time our analysts needed is nearly halved, which saves us precious time to focus on our strategic tasks on improving our defenses.

Brad Marr
CISO & Senior Director


Faster analysis
with auto-forwarding

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Team Lead
Cyber Security

Manual analysis of a huge number of submissions was time-consuming. With VMRay, we are able to handle this task with ease in an automated way. This creates enormous value for our company, customers and partners.

Threat Intelligence Team
A Global Top 10 Technology Brand

VMRay’s data quality and rich API allowed us to automate our reverse engineering and data extraction tasks in a way no other vendor was able to provide.

Threat Research Team
Carbon Black

What our team loves about VMRay is the ability to quickly triage a lot of malicious samples by providing a wide variety of targets, configurations and applications out of the box.

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