date Tuesday 03 Oct, 2017
time 10:30AM (EST)
duration 60 Minutes

You Can’t Protect Against What you Can’t See.

We’re in an arms race against the bad guys. Whether it’s state-sponsored actors directing targeted attacks or organized cyber crime gangs, these adversaries are well funded, organized and motivated to succeed.

Join Jeff Pollard, principal analyst at Forrester, and Carsten Willems, CEO and co-founder of VMRay on October 3rd for an interactive webinar. During this webcast, Jeff and Carsten will discuss how threat actors craft malware to evade analysis and detection. New approaches to automated threat analysis can help enterprises stay a step ahead. Attendees of this webinar will learn:

• How evasive malware is defining new frontlines in the war against cyber crime
• What techniques (TTPs) are used by threat actors to design evasive malware
• The fundamentals of evasion-resistant malware analysis and detection
• What enterprises need to focus on when implementing automated threat analysis

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Our Speakers

Carsten Willems

Carsten Willems

Carsten Willems
Jeff Pollard

Jeff Pollard

Principal Analyst
Jeff Pollard

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