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The Art of Advanced Threat Defense & Intelligence

Enhancing Cyber Resilience and Regulatory Compliance in Public Sector and Critical Infrastructure Organizations

Increasingly stringent compliance regulations are requiring government organizations and critical entities providing essential services to the public to adopt appropriate cyber security measures.

Despite the lack of a globally unified approach, all legislations aim at the same outcome: preventing the disruptive effects and negative economic and societal impact of cyber incidents. Cyber resilience has become a mandatory requirement.

Achieving Cyber Resilience Means
Defense Capabilities

Challenge of security controls for public sectors
To enhance their cyber preparedness, organizations need to build the essential capabilities to effectively identify, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber incidents. This involves designing and implementing appropriate preventive, detective, and corrective security controls that align with the organization’s risk-based security objectives.
Layered security strategy for cyber incidents
A layered security strategy must include all three types of security controls, and understanding how these controls interact and which capabilities they contribute to the overall strategy is crucial.

Essential Capabilities to
Mitigate Malware & Phishing Cyber Threats

Malware plays a crucial role in many multi-stage cyberattacks, with email-borne phishing frequently utilized as a delivery tactic. Counteracting complex malware and phishing threats requires defense capabilities that match the sophistication of these attacks.

With its origins in dynamic malware analysis, commonly referred to as malware sandboxing, VMRay has consistently evolved to offer a technology portfolio designed to meet specific requirements of SOC, Incident Response, and Cyber Threat Intelligence teams.

VMRay has identified three focus areas:
security operations
Validate, triage, and enrich alerts. Mitigate alert fatigue and skills shortage.
analysis and response
Reduce analysis time. Detect and analyze unknown, advanced, evasive, or targeted malware.
reliable threat intelligence
Go beyond 3rd party threat feeds with in-house generated threat intelligence. Build own threat repositories.

Use Cases:

Malicious actors typically use malware throughout their campaigns. It is a fundamental capability for gaining and maintaining control of assets, evading and deceiving defences, and carrying out post-compromise actions.

Source: ENISA Threat Landscape 2022
...80% of System Intrusion incidents involved Ransomware as attackers continue to leverage a bevy of different techniques to compromise an organization.

Source: Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report (Public Sector Snapshot)

Maximizing Resources: Prioritizing Investments
on a Limited Budget

Public Sector organizations often face budget constraints that can make it challenging to implement strong cyber hygiene practices. It’s therefore of critical importance to prioritize investments that can deliver the most substantial impact on the organization’s cybersecurity posture.

VMRay technologies are reinforcing and strengthening the security outcomes in several areas:

Regulatory Demands for Stronger Cyber Resilience

Despite having administrative autonomy, organizations providing critical services to the public are strongly interlinked. As a result, vulnerabilities in one entity could potentially expose others to security threats, leading to a domino effect of risks.

In the dynamic landscape of security and privacy regulations, having an advanced malware detection solution can demonstrate to auditors that the organization is taking proactive steps to strengthen their security posture and achieve regulatory compliance.

Why VMRay

VMRay has been a pioneer in the Malware Analysis industry since 2013. Today, VMRay has earned an excellent reputation in the Public Sector, and is trusted by government agencies and defense organizations worldwide.

VMRay technologies can significantly enhance the organization’s ability to protect against sophisticated, multi-stage threats that traditional security measures may miss.

VMRay Portfolio

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