Carbon Black - VMRay Integration Partner

“Like many security researchers, we use a variety of tools for static and behavioral analysis.  What our team loves about VMRay is the ability to quickly triage a lot of malicious samples by providing a wide variety of targets, configurations and applications out of the box. We get a good sense of all the behavior, whether it uses an Office document or malicious PDF, and because VMRay foils many sandbox-evasion techniques and allows more malware to run.  We also appreciate the little timesavers that VMRay has provided: quick access to PCAPs and function logs, sample tagging, and YARA rule tests against submitted samples.” 

Carbon Black Threat Research Team

With VMRay’s capabilities we can provide faster answers when customers ask, ‘What should I do right now to contain the damage and get rid of the malware while also ensuring it doesn’t come back next week or next month?

Tilman Frosch, Managing Director, GDATA Advanced Analytics

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Cloudmark customers and partners around the world count on us to secure their email, ensuring that threats are identified and blocked. Our team looked extensively at what the industry had to offer for automated in-depth dynamic malware analysis, and we chose VMRay as a vendor and technology we could trust. VMRay Analyzer provides the accuracy, performance and depth of analysis we require to meet our customers’ expectations.

Angela Knox, SVP of Engineering, Cloudmark

“VMRay has become one of the most important tools for our security team. We use it to analyze malware and also for system level hardening against common malware. We significantly reduced the time and effort needed for malware analysis.”

Adem Sen, CSIRT Lead, DB Systel GmbH (Deutsche Bahn)

“VMRay Analyzer supports remote desktop access to the host during analysis. We could interact with the sample and enter a password. Most other solutions would fail there. With VMRay Analyzer, because of functionality like that, we obtain valuable threat intelligence critical to helping our connected organizations.”

Antoni Julian Fertner, Senior Security Specialist, JISC