VMRay Analyzer V 1.9 is out – Ready to scale

Scalability: Size matters.

In our latest release we take on the ever-present challenge of  non-stop growth in unique threats enterprises are forced to deal with. Moore’s law is alive and well, just not always in ways we would like. With 1.9 we’ve future-proofed VMRay Analyzer and baked in scalability to handle whatever the bad guys throw at us.
We will be posting a series of blogs outlining key aspects of this release, starting with our new architecture to support hyperscaling.



We have also enhanced our API, implementing REST/JSON support for greater granularity and automation.
Another key feature is backend hooks that can execute programs conditional on certain events. This enables, for example, custom callbacks.
Additionally, we’ve baked in support for Office 2016
Stay tuned for more details!