Malware Analysis

VMRay IDA Plugin 1.1: Streamlining Deep-Dive Malware Analysis

A year ago this fall, we introduced the VMRay Analyzer IDA plugin for IDA Pro disassembler and decompiler. With Version 1.0 of the plugin (nicknamed IDARay), malware analysts and DFIR teams could use the output of VMRay Analyzer to enrich IDA Pro static analysis with behavior-based data. The plugin sped up in-depth analysis of malware […]

Malware AnalysisProduct Features

Explained: Smart Memory Dumping

In a recent major update of our flagship platform, VMRay Analyzer 3.0, we made dramatic improvements in the system’s memory dumping capabilities. In an automated approach we call smart memory dumping, VMRay Analyzer now triggers more frequent and more relevant memory dumps to capture a comprehensive view of malware characteristics and behavior. In turn, this […]


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