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Stepping Up to Help During the Crisis

The global pandemic, and associated economic downturn, has created a new reality where our customers are now supporting a large remote work force, vastly increasing the available attack surface for threat actors. In addition, COVID-19 has opened up a whole new arena of themed scams and malware. In the face of this extraordinary situation, VMRay […]


Debunking The Four Most Common Fileless Attack Myths

As a senior executive for a malware analysis and detection provider, I get asked one particular question quite often: “can your solution protect against fileless malware?” It’s a confounding question in many respects and one that requires some amount of clarification as to what types of threats they consider to be fileless? By the strictest […]


SANS Webcast Recap: Practical Malware Family Identification for Incident Responders

Taxonomy is the science of naming, defining and classifying groups of biological organisms based on shared characteristics. Fundamentally it’s an organization scheme that has allowed scientists to study organisms without confusion or overlap since the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus introduced his framework for a uniform naming system more than 300 years ago. Today’s threat researchers […]


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