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2020 Outlook: Evaluating the Threat Landscape at the Dawn of a New Decade

The past decade has been one of unprecedented transformation, innovation, and uncertainty in the enterprise cybersecurity market. Five years ago, the Russian hacking group known as Sandworm succeeded in shutting down three power plants in Ukraine for several hours and demonstrated how targeted attacks could potentially disrupt the lives of regular citizens. The past decade […]


How Expel’s Analysts Are Using VMRay to Make Consistent, Sound Decisions

“Our analysts are really good at making decisions if they have the data to make that decision.” – Tyler Fornes, Sr. Response & Detection Analyst at Expel In this Risky Business podcast, host Patrick Gray interviews one of VMRay’s most forward-looking customers: Tyler Fornes, Senior Detection and Response Analyst for Expel, a managed security provider. […]


Analyzing ZeroCleare’s Behavior Using a Malware Sandbox

View the VMRay Analyzer Report for ZeroCleare “ZeroCleare” is a new strain of malware discovered by IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) this past December. In the 28-page report, the IRIS Team revealed that ZeroCleare was used to execute an attack on Middle East organizations in the energy and industrial sectors. Based on […]


How to Create Easy and Open Integrations with VMRay’s REST API

With the recent release of VMRay Analyzer Version 3.2, we have repackaged and enhanced our already robust REST API. These enhancements add more automation and scalability to malware analysis, detection, and result-sharing across heterogeneous environments. VMRay’s portfolio of out-of-the-box integrations and connectors built with our REST API, enable partners to leverage selected aspects of VMRay’s […]


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