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VMRay IDA Plugin 1.1: Streamlining Deep-Dive Malware Analysis

A year ago this fall, we introduced the VMRay Analyzer IDA plugin for IDA Pro disassembler and decompiler. With Version 1.0 of the plugin (nicknamed IDARay), malware analysts and DFIR teams could use the output of VMRay Analyzer to enrich IDA Pro static analysis with behavior-based data. The plugin sped up in-depth analysis of malware […]


VMRay Detector & Analyzer: A Single Pane of Glass for High-Volume Threat Detection and Analysis

According to Forrester, there will be 2 million job vacancies in the cybersecurity sector by 2022. This reality is the impetus for greater efficiency and achieving a significant improvement in the “signal to noise” ratio that security teams are dealing with.  Automating malware analysis and detection on a large scale is the key to allowing […]


[Risky Business Podcast] 3 Approaches that Evade Static Machine Learning Detection

This week, VMRay CEO & Co-Founder, Carsten Willems was a guest on the latest episode of the Risky Business Podcast. Carsten spoke with host Patrick Gray about VMRay’s supporting role in Endgame and MRG Effitas’ Static Machine Learning Evasion Contest at DEF CON this year. The contest required participants to modify 50 working malware samples […]


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