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Enterprise Security Takes a Big Leap Forward with VMRay Analyzer 3.1

With the latest release of our flagship platform for malware analysis, VMRay Analyzer 3.1, we are enhancing enterprise security in four broad areas: providing greater platform coverage, improved scalability, additional access security, and greater detection efficacy.   In Version v3.1 we have: Mapped malicious behavior to the industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK framework, facilitating broad cross-platform interoperability […]


Intelligent Monitoring: Auto-Focus for Malware Analysts

Intelligent Monitoring captures everything that’s relevant and only what’s relevant, so your Security Team can focus on what’s most critical & essential. In explaining what had motivated his team to switch to VMRay Analyzer, a customer told us, “It’s not about getting our analysts started with malware analysis. It’s getting them to stop!” VMRay, he […]


SANS Webcast Recap: Hitting the Silent Alarm on Banking Trojans

In this era of Ransomware attacks and Zero Day attacks, it’s easy to forget about pervasive threats like Banking Trojans which have been around for some time. These same threats have evolved significantly over the past years, constantly presenting new challenges to security teams. In this post—condensed from a SANS webcast I hosted – Sr. Research Analyst […]


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