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How to Leverage Indicators of Compromise with VMRay & ThreatConnect

Indicators of compromise (IOCs) are essential pieces of information security teams use to improve detection and response times. With VMRay’s Intelligent Monitoring technology, IOCs extracted from an analysis are noise-free and provide relevant data for teams to import into their existing security tools. Our out-of-the-box integration with ThreatConnect allows you to put this data into […]


Our CEO, Carsten Willems’ Interview on the Risky Business Podcast

“We are really into the tech. It makes our day if we can detect malware that no one else can.” Continuing our run of podcast interviews, our CEO & Co-Founder Carsten Willems recently featured on the Risky Business Podcast. For over a decade Risky Biz has been one of the go-to sources for security industry updates and […]


Delivering More Comprehensive and In-Depth URL Analysis in VMRay Analyzer 3.0

URLs are a ubiquitous infection vector. Embedded in emails, documents, and webpages, they are encountered early and often in the infection cycle. In addition to hosting exploits and delivering malicious files, they also play a major role in concealing threats and attacks by misdirecting analysis tools and security professionals. To fully understand the scope of […]


Explained: Smart Memory Dumping

In a recent major update of our flagship platform, VMRay Analyzer 3.0, we made dramatic improvements in the system’s memory dumping capabilities. In an automated approach we call smart memory dumping, VMRay Analyzer now triggers more frequent and more relevant memory dumps to capture a comprehensive view of malware characteristics and behavior. In turn, this […]


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