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SANS Webcast Recap: Dissecting Popular Malware Evasion Techniques

Like a modern Superbug that has grown resistant to conventional antibiotics, malware today has evolved rapidly and become increasingly complex. While much has been written about malware’s ability to evade sandboxes, little has been made of the specific techniques malware authors are employing to evade detection. In this post—condensed from a SANS webcast led by VMRay […]


Reducing Incident Response Times with Splunk Adaptive Response

Typical enterprise security architectures involve tools and products from multiple vendors. An unfortunate reality is these tools and products are not designed to work together out-of-the-box. The Splunk Adaptive Response Framework solves this challenge by connecting all of these products through pre-configured actions. Security teams using the VMRay Add-On for Splunk can leverage these pre-configured […]


VMRay Analyzer 3.0: Raising the Bar for Automated Malware Analysis & Detection

With today’s release of VMRay Analyzer 3.0, we’ve set a new standard of performance and accuracy with our flagship solution for automated malware analysis and detection. With version 3.0 security teams can quickly analyze and detect advanced, zero-day and targeted malware—and initiate incident response—stopping attacks and threats that other technologies miss. The new release: Expands […]


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