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SANS Webcast Recap: Infection to Remediation – Exploring the InfoStealer Kill Chain

While InfoStealers are hardly new, some recent developments have made them far more pervasive, more sophisticated, and more challenging to detect. In this post—condensed from a SANS webcast that he participated in— VMRay Product Manager Rohan Viegas along with SANS analyst Jake Williams discuss the mechanics of how InfoStealers work, how they’ve been commoditized for […]


Aggregating, Analyzing & Getting Answers with VMRay & Splunk

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) use SIEMs and tools like Splunk (that include SIEM functionality) for a number of use cases including monitoring alerts and notifications, correlating information from a number of security data sources, and facilitating forensic investigations. By integrating analysis data from a malware sandbox, SOCs and CIRTs (Computer Incident Response Teams) can achieve […]


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