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Analyzing Location-Based Malware with Geo Anonymization

Malware authors regularly create campaigns to target victims in specific countries. Recent examples using location-based malware include two campaigns that delivered banking trojans to customers of financial institutions in Brazil and the Danabot malware campaign that targeted users in Australia and Europe. Such attacks are often meticulously crafted. The phishing emails and attachments in regional languages and […]


6 Best Practices for your Malware Sandbox Proof of Concept

Any time you incorporate a major new component—such as a sandbox platform—into your security ecosystem, it’s important to do a rigorous, side-by-side evaluation of competing products to determine the best choice for your situation. But a proof of concept is about more than detection rates and vendor scores. It’s also a chance to get a […]


SANS Webcast Recap: Dissecting GandCrab Ransomware

GandCrab is one of the most prevalent ransomware families in 2018. In this post—condensed from a SANS webcast that he participated in— VMRay Product Manager Rohan Viegas discusses the fundamental techniques GandCrab uses to encrypt user’s files and basic detection methods that can provide the first line of defense against attacks. Since it first appeared […]


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