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How to Use Interactive Malware Analysis with VMRay Analyzer

[Editor’s Note: This post was updated on May 19th, 2020] In the daily war against malware authors, incident response teams (CIRTs) need a comprehensive yet versatile sandbox as part of their automated malware analysis process. This provides the performance, scalability, and accuracy needed to handle the onslaught of malware-related threats. In addition, manual analysis is […]


Forgotten MS Office Features Used to Deliver Malware

According to Microsoft’s 2016 Threat Intelligence Report, 98% of Office-targeted threats use macros. So, shouldn’t we just focus our efforts on detecting threats that leverage macros? Of course not. Attackers will constantly innovate. Finding ways to bypass existing security solutions and making malware easy to execute are top of mind for an attacker. Exploits are […]


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