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VMRay Analyzer 2.2 – An Improved User Experience for Malware Analysts and Incident Responders

At VMRay, our underlying malware detection and analysis technology clearly sets us apart from the competition. With the release of VMRay Analyzer 2.2, we’ve focused on: improving the user experience enhancing our detection efficacy and providing more valuable threat intelligence to malware analysts and incident responders. The latest release has a slew of new features […]


VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap – January 2018

Welcome to the VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap. Every month our Research Team provides a recap of the malware analysis reports posted to the VMRay Twitter account. This past January, our team analyzed a variant of BigEyes/Lime ransomware, GandCrab ransomware and Lotus Blossom malspam. Click the links below to jump to a specific report: Malicious […]


[Video] Analyzing a Payload Out of Context

Malware authors have become creative with how they have chosen to package their payload to evade detection. Office documents have been used as a common vector of entry in the following way: a Word document uses a macro to launch PowerShell and download a malicious payload. While detonating the original Word document is typically sufficient […]


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