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VMRay Email Sensor: Automated Analysis and Detection of Malicious Email

The average corporate employee will receive 75 emails per day. So it’s no surprise that email is still an integral part of daily business processes. With two-thirds of all malware installed via email attachments in 2016 (according to the Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report), it is critical to ensure that employees and company’s internal […]


VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap – November ’17

Welcome to the VMRay Malware Analysis Report Recap. Every month our Research Team provides a recap of the malware analysis reports posted to the VMRay Twitter account. This past November, our team analyzed a malicious Javascript file, the Ordinypt wiper, and a variant of the XZZX Cryptomix ransomware. Click the links below to jump to […]


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